Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day in Memorium

For the first time since the creation of Memorial day (that I know of at least) an American President will be absent at a ceremony dedicated to the very people that have allowed him to hold the office.

In his defense (a sorry and pathetic defense but one none the less), he could not possibly be expected to understand what a slap in the face this is to the men and women who have, and continue to fight and die for our country. Our complacency has allowed a man (until proven otherwise) without the experience of even the Greenest Soldier to sit at the very pinnacle of the command structure. Never in his life did he offer to die for strangers, simply because they shared a common nation. He has never been asked to sacrifice, and perhaps that is the most telling attribute of his life.

Perhaps I would be as self absorbed and narcissistic if I had never been told "No". Had I been given an education (though we are still waiting to find out how that went for him), or given a career with out any skills or experience, I might also wander through life with the social skills of a child. Never has the United States been in such jeopardy from it's own government.

We speak of the revival of American Values, and the Founding Principals, but how many in the Government even know what those principles and values are?

I fear for my country and the trials in store for it... I pray daily that I am simply paranoid when I worry we won't have the chance to vote for a new government come November, and what we are seeing is the beginning of a new and more dangerous Dynasty. History has a way of repeating itself, and the repeat I am seeing now has happened twice before in modern memory... 26 October 1917, and 30 January 1933.

May God grant me Paranoia...

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