Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The All-American Airline controversy

It seems all the rage these days to be up in arms about practically everything under the sun, but what I can’t understand is people getting into a lather about TSA screening procedures. Rather than fuss and moan about the violation of your rights, understand that boarding an airplane with several dozen other people is a privilege… If the Government Grope™ doesn’t make you feel wanted and loved by Big Brothers minions, perhaps you need to stop flying. Granted Flying is probably the most convenient and certainly the fastest way to travel, but do we need to rack up those frequent flyer miles?

In my opinion a more practical protest against the grasping tentacles of the great government Octopus is (Wait for it)… DON’T FLY! Take the train, most people don’t enjoy the journey as much as they used to, America is a beautiful country and should be appreciated. Going over seas?... Why? But if you must, take a cruise ship. Ships still travel over both the Atlantic and Pacific, and even though they are slower wouldn’t it be nice to start a trip without being prodded by a stranger.

All right, I know most Air Travelers are business class. Can you teleconference, or must you jump onto, what amounts to a greyhound bus that flies?

All right, I didn’t want to do this but you’ve forced my hand, prepare yourself… Alternative modes of transport are greener. Yes that’s right modern trains are far more efficient than they were in the past, Ships, far cleaner alternative and more relaxing.

We have pushed ourselves into an even more “work centered” life style than ants for pities sake. Being productive does not mean burning ourselves to a cinder by the pressure of our jobs.

Americans built the wealthiest and most productive land ever know in a short two hundred and thirty five years and for all but the last seventy or so, you would have been thought a fool if you even mentioned manned flight. From two Ohio Brothers and their dream, we seem to have not only embraced the notion of flight, but now look on any inconvenience as a violation of our rights. I hate to disagree with Judge Napolitano, a jurist I hold in very high esteem, but… I cannot help but think that if we extrapolate out the forth amendment right in this case, where does the “right” end? Will the “right” to fly become just another entitlement, where if you cannot afford an airplane ticket the government should provide one to you, and before you scoff, look at what ‘ObamaCare’ will do to your medical insurance.

When we champion new “rights”, we must look to the consequences of our actions. Besides if enough people refuse to fly because of the TSA search policy, the airlines themselves will push to rescind the ruling, or will find some way to provide their customers with an alternative. It leaves you your rights, and the Private Air Carriers their rights, and with enough cooperation between the Airlines and the People, will leave the Government out in the cold where it belongs… At least in this case.

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