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Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Day Lost...

Sorry I missed a post, but frankly nothing exciting happened yesterday. Without the car we are trapped in the house, it's too hot to take the girls down the street to the park, or even walk to the grocery store.

Anyway, today I called the mechanic to try and get a better estimate for the repairs, since the last time I called they told me " maybe middle of next week" Middle of next WEEK?!? When I spoke to Sammy, he told me the engine replacement would take 8 to 14 hours depending. OK, thought I, a day, maybe two on the outside, but of course that was before I found out (today) that the nearest used engine for my little red wagon was in ARIZONA, although there is a right cheap one in Battle Mountain, NV (only $400.00 plus an estinated $550.00 for shipping - Battle Mt. is north of the test range (about 500 miles as the crow flys, about 1000 as the roads roll).

So, since we hate being trapped in the house, and we are running out of food, how much food do you leave in your house when you go on Vacation? I decided that it would be a good time to break into the trip funds and rent an econo-box from Enterprise (they'll pick you up). This way, since we are stuck here in Las Vegas for another weekend, we can at least go to the grocery store, and go to church on Sunday.

With any luck, the car will be in the pink on Tuesday or Wednesday, and we can start out on this grand adventure (finally).

I think, depending on how the next week goes, I will make sure we get photos of all the really nice places we visited on the limp back to Vegas. We didn't bother to photograph them on the way out, so maybe that is why we didn't make it, you can't have a travel log with out logging the places you've been.

I'm sure some one will complain if we take too many pictures...

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