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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Saturday in Vegas...

Picked up the rental car today. It's a Chevy Evo, or some such, white, four door. Not to disparage Chevy, but this little car is, quite frankly, gutless. Now granted it's speedometer goes up to 120 mph, but comming off the line, well it leaves a bit to be desired. I understand I wasn't renting a Porche, but wow do I miss the little red SUV.

I must be honest, and mention the positve features of this car... It's new(ish) and the AC works passibly well. The radio is nice, and the controls were reasonably easy to learn, though the windsheild wipers were a bit tricky (it almost never rains in Las Vegas, wouldn't you know it started raining on the way home).

But, the interior, while I would imagine is roomy enough for a couple to jaunt around in, assuming average sized people, was a bit crowed for my larger size. The backseat, is a bit on the snug size for a family the size of ours, with the girls crowed onto a bench seat about 4/5th the size they are used to. I couldn't even imagine trying to transport a pair of teen boys with this car. Further, it sits a bit lower to the ground than I would prefer, again I am a bit larger than average and getting in an out is a bit of a challange.

All in all though, and for the money, this is a fine little car, even if it's a chevy.

But I still miss our SUV...

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