Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The journey ends..?

Well, I guess I asked for a sign from God and boy did I get one, maybe… We started out bright and early on Monday, a little later than we wanted to, but well within vacationing parameters. The little red wagon was humming along and pulling the trailer laden with our survival equipment like a champion. At least until we reached Beatty, NV, as we were pulling up the long low grade into town the engine started to make noise.

After pulling into the local rebel gas station, we saw and smelled a fairly noxious cloud of smoke. Not being the most mechanical person, and wanting to get us back on the road, I asked around for a mechanic, and was advised to call John, the local go-to-guy for all things automotive (I highly recommend him). Unfortunately, the damage was too severe for John’s skills (especially at eight o’clock in the morning – he showed up to help after a stranger woke him up, and wouldn’t accept payment for the trip, see I told you we would meet good people). John’s recommendation was to top of the engine with oil, and limp it back to Las Vegas.

Not wanting to break down in an even more remote locale, that is exactly what we did.

Maybe this wasn’t the right day to go, maybe I have something else I have to do in Las Vegas, but if it is at all possible I am now, more than ever, determined to make this trip. I have faith in my local mechanic, Sammy, if anyone can revive our faithful Ford (yes, I know someone out there is saying “Well now I know what the problem is…” but the little red Ford has served us well since we left Washington State nearly 10 years ago, and I am loathe to blame her) it’s Sammy.

So, for today, we end in sorrow, but the dawn will bring another day, and either Sammy will fix the Ford, or we will find another vehicle to help us on our way. Either outcome, I refuse to be defeated, my girls deserve to see the ocean, a real forest, and mountains (and the people of the coast deserve to see my girls).

This journey isn’t over, just postponed, stay tuned…

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