Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Generalized Sense of Angst

Not to generalize, but I will… lately I have been reading the comments, blogs and generally anything I can find regarding the Wall Street protests. The greatest common denominator through all of them regardless of political slant is a frightening intolerance.

I suppose I could understand intolerance coming from the Right wing commentary and blogs, since that is what the left has attempted to reinforce for (at least) the last three years. However, to hear intolerance of a varying viewpoint from the loving and tolerant left, well that left me nearly speechless.


First, I need to comment about the alleged protests on Wall Street and elsewhere. To call these sit-ins or camp outings a protest would be like calling a Boy Scout jamboree a protest against forests. These folks are a product and parasite of the very Capitalism they claim to despise. They are contacted and recruited using Twitter, FaceBook and any number of Social Media programs, all brought to them live and in color via iPads, iPhones, laptops, etc. Their claim of “grassroots” is not only a fiction, but also hypocrisy of the worst order.

On the other hand, they have a point. Most of the people protesting (although not all) are a product of their up bringing. The parents of this Generation (a generalization I know, bear with me) are the very same people that have caused the problems that they are protesting.

Hmm, could all of this angst be sorted out with a little family counseling? Probably not… - Sorry, I digress.

With even the most modest of historical viewpoints the similarities are frightening. Mom and Dad marched in the street angry about “THE MAN” keeping them down, the War in Vietnam, the economy…etc. etc. etc. Blah Blah. Now the newest “Children’s Crusade” is focused on Wall Street, the “fat cat” bankers, and Capitalism. The very same Wall Street, “fat cat” bankers, and Capitalism that gave them all of the wonderful toys they had growing up, and the splendid little electronic goodies they have now.

Of course, any one with the slightest common sense can see these kids are being used. But, what has concerned me more than the unwashed protesters are the folks from the ‘mom and dad’ generation. See most of them are like me, they’ve work their cans off for years trying to make life just a little bit better for little Jimmy and Jenny. Now in the twilight of their years they just want a little retirement nest egg to settle down with and the government man to keep the peace and the Social Security checks coming.

Well, unfortunately for mom and dad, they were so keyed up trying to “Find themselves” or climb the corporate ladder or whatever hippie-dippy new age crap most of them bought into, they forgot to raise (rear, train, teach… whatever) their kids.

I have heard more whining out of the 99% (liberal, entitlement children) and 53% (Conservative, entitlement 2nd childhood old people) than I think this entire mess deserves.

Who Wins??? I’ll tell you since you’ve stuck around this long.

The Government Wins. The same Crony Capitalist Government that co-opted the 1960’s hippie movement wins now. Why, because they are the same people. Bill Clinton did not just spring into existence, he along with Bush, Bush2, and Obama are the product of several entire Generations NOT paying attention to the Constitution.

Really, we were given a simple set of guidelines to run a country, and in little more than two centuries, we screwed it all up. Not the Hippies, Not the Capitalists, not the Socialists… WE DID.

We took our eyes off the prize, we got to involved in our little day to day squabbles and forgot to keep control of the one thing the founders could not get rid of, the one thing that they by luck and sheer force of will weakened as much as they could, our Government.

Government of the People, for The People, not the other way around.

Tomorrow I’ll try not to be such a schlep.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taking the “FREE” out of “Free Public Education”

The American Thinker ran an article today regarding a woman who was arrested for putting her child in a school that was outside of her district ( http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/10/school_district_shenanigans_seeking_a_better_education_means_jail_time_for_parents.html ). The stated reason for this arrest was that the parent, frustrated by the poor performance of the schools in her district sent her children to a school in a different district.

What struck me as odd, was that the children were enrolled in a district in which the (assumed biological) Father lived. If the children are enrolled in a district that one of the parents are (again assumed) paying property taxes, what is the problem? For that matter, how does enrolling your children in a school, any school, the business of the government?

I understand the “compulsory education” argument. However, what right does a government have, in determining the right school for your child? The article states the mother, Ms. Kelley Williams-Bolar, was charged with felony grand theft.

“Grand theft” really? Are we now going to equate moving your child to a better performing school with car theft, armed robbery, or burglary? Have the Teachers Unions really gotten that much power, that now they are taking their cue from the Gestapo?

We home school our children, and pay the exorbitant property taxes for education in one of the most insane public school systems I’ve lived in, and I don’t begrudge a single parent that uses that system for their children. So, I don’t think that the people living in the “better” district are the complainant in this case.

In my opinion, the people pushing this ridiculous abuse of power are the teachers and administrator of the “failing” district. They fear that if they let even one FTE (Full time Equivalent) student escape from their ‘plantation’ they will lose all of them.

With any luck, they will be right.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

50 years, and more of the same?

Another Sunday in October, and the gut-less, mind-less, job-less, pantywaists are still camped on Wall Street. I might find this amusing or even interesting if I didn’t believe that most of these “protesters” were not spending any appreciable amount of time actually on Wall Street. Oh sure there are lots of videos showing the protesters camped out in the park, but how many of them have spent even two nights there?

Strangely, I was trying to find some form of comparison to their parents and the protests, sit-ins, tree hugging, ad nauseam, but I really couldn’t. I looked at ‘mom and dads’ old black and whites of Woodstock, and the more modern (2009 incarnation) on the internet. And while the folks in 1969 might (and I use ‘might’ fairly broadly) have been worth looking at in the buff then, 40 years and an untold number of miles later, you would have to either be in love with them, or in need of SERIOUS psychoanalysis to want to see them naked in 2009. Which, I suppose brings me back to the Wall Street protests.

In the 60’s protesters placed themselves in fairly uncomfortable positions i.e. chained to posts, sitting on hard concrete, in front of Bull Connor’s “Bully Boys” (he’ll get his own post later) to make a point.

Today, the left just doesn’t seem to have the same fire or passion for their “unassailable” positions. When I look at the muddled state of their protests; the “camp sites” (with mattress’ for Pete’s Sake – I want to know who delivered those), the Yoga seminars, and the – apparently - catered meals, I just have to shake my head.

These are the Yahoo’s WE are supposed to be afraid of? REALLY!?

I just can’t believe that the liberal/socialist/fascist planners and organizers that caused so much dissent in the 1960’s can’t manage to organize a group of college students into the lock-stepping force for “change” that they played at forty plus years ago.

What makes that drivel so hard to swallow is that when they were the protesters they had little if any power, now they hold high office, in the city, county, state, and even federal government. And this pathetic dust-up is the best they can do?

I think not, unfortunately, it’s the part we can see. We dare not be the side to throw the first punch, or fire the first shot, but while we wait on the moral high ground, what are they doing to our Country?

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