Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Once again, we hear the mournful cry from Congress “Raise the Debt ceiling or we will run out of Money”. To that I say, good… when you or I run out of money we can’t run to the bank and demand, “give me more credit, or I’ll stop working!”

For normal people (that’s all of us folks not in Government) you live within your means, but when the Government runs out of money, because they waste a huge portion of it, they just increase their spending limit and stick us with the bill. None of that is the job of Congress; their job is to be responsible for the public purse, not dump its contents on the floor of the capital and roll in it.

We hear how without massive Government spending, roads wouldn’t be built, schools would lose all of their funding, fresh water would stop flowing into our homes, and veterans and the elderly will be left without benefits. Isn’t it strange that we never hear about the poor downtrodden Congress-critter that might not be able to take that “fact finding trip” to Aruba? Or the, well earned, 25th vacation trip for the (P) resident and his family.

No, Government flunkies bemoan every cost of living increase for veterans and the elderly claiming there isn’t enough money. They cry great, salty tears about the state of the nation’s infrastructure and how, with just a few more dollars, they could fix the problems plaguing the country. Never once thinking about the most important matter of all…

The States build and maintain the roads within their borders, not the Federal Government; local property taxes build and maintain Schools within their districts, just like the teacher salaries. Water quantity and quality is established and maintained by the local State and County, and in some cases larger cities. The Elderly, who were once the responsibility of their families, churches, and local communities, have become the responsibility of the Federal Government. Veterans, by their service, most definitely are the responsibility of the Government that placed them in harms way. Both of these groups though, were not originally the responsibility of the Government, that role has been usurped by the very Government that bemoans the cost.

Our Founders knew that a strong central government would need a strong military to enforce its will. For that reason they designed the United States to be a Federation of Independent States, each with it’s own military, and it’s own armories. Each member of the community was expected to assist in the defense of the Nation, or the State or in times of natural disaster to lend a hand in whatever way the community needed. Sheriff posses were built of the local manpower, wars were fought, not with Federal Soldiers (until after World War 2), but with local State Troops. In history, you’ll find the 3rd Massachusetts or the 1st Tennessee Volunteers even Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders were Civilian Soldiers (National Guard).

So now instead of local people responding to local problems (feeding the poor, caring for the elderly, and veterans, building and maintaining roads and bridges), we get the “one-size-fits-no one” Federal Government solution. A solution that wastes and misallocates recourses and inevitably causes the individuals ‘served’ to become dependent on the single, monopolistic Government solution, not dependent upon his or her own drive, or his or her own community.

So, yes I think that we need to shut down the Government, it will be painful, but we need to stop feeding this beast and live with the pain.

It’s the only way we will ever be free again…

Saturday, September 28, 2013


October 1, this is the ‘BIG’ day; ObamaCare starts its much-feted roll out. According to Mr. Obama, buying insurance will be as easy as buying a plane ticket on Kayak, or buying a television on Amazon.

There are problems of course highlighting the difference between Public sector government run operations, and Capitalist operations.

See, both Kayak and Amazon operate for profit, it’s in their best interest for you, the consumer, to have an easy and enjoyable experience, they want your business, heck they’ll even beg and scrap for your dollars.

The Government ‘Marketplaces’, on the other hand, will open for business on October 1, even though they don’t work. The Government doesn’t need to provide a good experience; they have a captive audience.

If you haven’t planned to purchase from the government exchanges yet, you will eventually. That is how the system is set up. You can hold out with your own plan, for now, but as the rates inevitably go up you will have to move to the Government plan. If you choose not to play, well they have you there too, you must have insurance or face a Government fine (the IRS will help ensure you pay that one), fines that are projected to go up over time.

It seems that while ‘evil’ corporations ask for your money, your ‘benevolent’ Government overlords will put a gun to your head and take your money – for your own good.

I think I understand the occupy movement now, I can see where they would hate the Corporations and love the Government. They want to steal from you, but they’re just too personally lazy…

They’ll let Obama and Company do it for them.

Friday, September 27, 2013


After 21 long hours, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) finally relinquished the floor, now it’s up to the Senate Republicans to finish the job.

It was nice to see a Senator actually doing his job for a change, since I haven’t seen much actual integrity or concern from those august personages. Oh, they can get things done when they want to; look at some of the grand pieces of legislation they’ve presented to us over the last few years…

The Affordable Care Act, Senator Cruz is not the only person that can’t stand this load of malarkey; apparently, neither can its most vocal supporters since they have all wrangled an exemption of one sort or another from it. I suppose that when you name a piece of legislation, the name doesn’t have to actually live up to the hype. For crying out-loud this birdcage, liner of a bill is anything but affordable. Forbes magazine published and article reporting that insurance premiums would increase by 99% for Men and 62% for Women. How in the name of God is that affordable… it seems that the cheaper or most affordable option is to pay the fine to the I.R.S. directly, and just hope you don’t need the insurance.

Of course, if you need insurance, God willing you’ll actually get the care you need, in both Europe and Canada, people that have health issues quite often simply come to America for treatment. With the U.S. getting into the Socialized health game, where are those folks going to go, heck for that matter, were are we going to go, since it seems that the doctors don’t like or trust the ACA.

But, even if the statistics and the polls are wrong, and ObamaCare is the greatest thing since sliced cheese (sliced bread is soooo 20th century), it still leaves a bureaucracy in charge of health care, the exact same kind of bureaucracy that is in charge of the DMV, the Post Office, and the IRS. Really, do want those folks deciding if you need that cancer treatment? Bureaucrats are not interested in whether you are healthy or not, and frankly, they don’t give a hoot about how the country feels, what they care about is if the proper box is ticked and the right form is filled out. Yes, I know that there are good and dedicated people working in the various bureaucracies of the U.S. Government, not every flunky is a complete slave to “The Man”, but do you want to take that chance…

I don’t…

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I want to start by saying that I shouldn’t have taken a weekend, you have no idea how guilty I felt not writing every day. All right, I know I’m not Hemingway or Charles Schultz, but I made a commitment to write and I let you down. (yes, you in the back there…)

Today I was informed that the Las Vegas Casino I work for would not be opening any full time positions at the end of the season, a first apparently. The reason, un-discussed, but the timing is coincidental.

Just as the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare to the rest of us) begins and insurance carriers are forced to reassess their portfolios and limit their exposure, full time employment seems to melt away like mist in the dawn.

All of this just seems to pat for me. If I were a conspiracy nut, I would surmise that all of this is just part and parcel of a larger plan.

 Roosevelt (F.D.R. not Teddy) creates the Social Security Administration, paving the way to Government Dependency. Next, Johnson’s (ongoing) ‘War on Poverty’ expands the dependant class, even though there are more poor people now than when the “War” started. Jimmy Carter played his part with his initial assault on American Manufacturing, with the 1970’s ‘Gas Crisis’ a manufactured ‘crisis’ if ever there was one. Clinton helped by ushering in the era of NAFTA (North America Free Trade Act), who out there remembers H. Ross Perot, and his “enormous sucking sound” of all American jobs moving out of the country if NAFTA passed. Now we get Obama and ACA, a law that Citizens didn’t want, which the U.S. can’t afford, that has already increased the number of people without Health Insurance, and it hasn’t even been implemented yet.

What makes all of that worse is that the same people that pushed so hard to get ACA passed, are the very people that now have exemptions to the law. If this is such a bang-up law, why then have the U.S. trade unions requested exemptions for their workers, and the President, his family, members of Congress, and their families, not to mention the various ‘one-per centers’ that can afford the high end health insurance who are also exempt.

It seems the only people stuck with ACA, are the people that fought not to have it in the first place.

Of course, I could just be a conspiracy nut…

Saturday, September 21, 2013


In our P.C. world, it seems that any attack, anywhere is just a suspected terror attack regardless of the circumstances leading to it, or happening during the attack. This morning (September 21, 2013) armed gunmen attacked a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, what makes this story so preposterous is the “suspected” part. The gunmen are reported to have entered the mall, and ordered Muslim shoppers to depart so that they could kill non-Muslims.


Now we are still supposed to believe that there are peaceful Muslims that wish to live in harmony with the rest of humanity. Really, not one person attempted to talk the Muslim shooters out of this, none of the people in the mall attempted to stop the gunmen. When violent rampages happen in the U.S. you often hear of some brave or foolhardy individual that stands up to the madman threatening violence, and sometimes wins out against the odds, sometimes they die in the attempt, but the effort is made to prevent innocent deaths.

Here though what happened is the Muslim shoppers departed the mall while the shooters began executing anyone they suspected of not being Muslim, and this is a “Suspected Terror Attack”.

If this isn’t terrorism, I think I need to review my definition, because it sure as heck looks like it to me.

I don’t quite know how to feel about the situation this morning, I saw a statistic the other day showing how Muslims are simply out breeding the population in the countries that they have immigrated to (the stat the sticks in my head was for France: birthrate 1.3 vs. Muslim Immigrants: 8.1), slowly subverting the host culture and replacing it with a Muslim culture. A culture that is without a doubt; anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-freedom, and anti-thinking. Muslim dominated countries, and yes I have been to them, are cesspits, they are uniformly poor, dirty, and frightened places. There are parts of these countries that are beautiful, nearly park-like with manicured lawns and shining Architecture, they are the homes and playgrounds of the elite. Their Mosques and the Imams that control them are honored and revered and provided every comfort, while the great mass of the people are terrorized daily.

I guess that’s why the Muslim population on the whole doesn’t recognize Terror; they live with it daily, and now they are importing it here in their “culture”.

h/t to BigFurHat at http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=204485 for the story

Friday, September 20, 2013



You young lady, how about you sir… watch the queen and win”

Am I alone, or does anyone else feel like they are listening to a three-card Monte huckster while watching the news lately with Syria as the queen. First, there is the “magical” appearing then disappearing, then reappearing ‘red-line’. Next, the United States is going to war with a country that not only doesn’t pose a National Security Threat, but even if it did, isn’t at war with us and slightly supports us. Yes, Assad is a Jerk and Dictator, but for the most part, he was ‘our’ Dictator, so much so that he met with the President at the Whitehouse. All this to arm an assist ‘Syrian Rebels’ who, from all reports, also possess poison gas and a much better motive to use it, especially on their own people. Being the victim of the dictatorial regime gives them a platform to call for the big guns of the U.S. to get involved in what is essentially a Civil War. What makes all of this even worse, it appears that the rebel faction that the President is so keen on assisting is linked to Al-Qaeda, with who we are at war.

So, the other day a loony shoots up a military base where the military personnel are un-armed, and unable to shoot back. Today Syria may, or may not miss the first deadline regarding their weapons of mass destruction, which coincidentally only affects the Government stockpiles, not the Rebel weapons. But, it really doesn’t matter because the deadline isn’t tied to any specific enforcement threat, Russia won’t join a coalition with the U.S. to force them to comply, the U.N. won’t send any strongly worded resolutions (which resolve nothing) and if Assad is smart, won’t matter a great deal to anyone outside of the Hague in the first place.

Overall, it looks, and is beginning to feel like; the folks in charge are ‘driving the wheels off this wagon’ and don’t know or care how to stop.

Once upon a time, the world was run by grown-ups; sane and sober, men and women that cared about the well-being of their respective countries, and while they would go to war at the drop of the proverbial hat, they went with a purpose and plan. The leaders of the past looked towards a definite goal, a reason to send their young men into the fire of war. Now, our leaders seem unaffected by the carnage and bloodshed, sending the best and bravest into a meat grinder to be maimed and maddened to no point and no purpose.

Yet we stand by and watch them leave, we wave flags, and support our troops, we mourn our dead, and try to help the returning wounded.

Maybe we should work to removing the tantrum-throwing children from the seats of power and putting adults back in charge, until then we can only watch and wait for them to bring the boys back home.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I’m afraid that today I may not have anything even remotely interesting or pertinent to talk about.

Syria has, predictably faded albeit slowly from the news cycle, replaced by the newest and most horrible story the Lame stream Media whores can find to distract the voter base.

If I were a conspiracy nut, I would say that the Washington Navy Yard shooting was terrible, and terribly convenient, allowing the Administration to turn everyone’s attention to gun violence. It is nice that this Administration seems to have a connection with Providence (or the Adversary) so each time they bumble a topic or a policy some nut that shouldn’t have had a gun in the first place goes on a shooting spree. These convenient rampages allow this collection of clowns and incompetents to play on fear rather than actually lead the country.

There are days that I am convinced that I could uphold the office of President with more dignity and less cost with better results than any two of the malcontents that inhabit D.C.

Of course, this October D.C. will, we hope, get another dose of American displeasure as our long-haul friends the Truckers emulate the Motorcyclist that swarmed the capitol on September 11. I think that if they are able to turn this protest trip into a general three-day strike, as I have been hearing about, there will be a much bigger outcry from the major cities than we have seen from any other protest. I once saw a statistic that claimed that most of the major cities in America were three days from starvation, meaning that the stores, markets, bodegas, kiosks, etc. only had a three-day stock.

Just in case I think, I’ll buy another case of Ramen…

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So the left is blaming sequester for the Navy Yard shooting
What is worse is they tried to blame the dreaded AR-15 (a big scary gun) on the actions of a drug addled, ex-mental patient, who coincidentally supports the left and loves Obama.

How is it, the ‘Lame stream’ media continues the meme that the right is dangerous and that we want to throw grandma off a cliff, or that we are waging a war against women, when all evidence shows the opposite. When thousands of gun owners can get together at gun shows, hunting trips and other gun related events and not kill one another, you begin to wonder where all these dangerous guns are coming from.

When President Clinton disarmed military bases, he put a target on each every member of the United States Military. Perhaps, if the servicemen and women were armed there would have been a different outcome. Here are just nine examples of the power of an armed populace.
Yet with the evidence supporting armed citizens, the left continues to push for our disarmament, one might wonder why. It’s said, “If guns are illegal, only criminals will own guns”, and in my case, that would be true. I’ve spoken to Law Enforcement Officers about this and while it isn’t a scientific poll, I haven’t found one of them that would rather have a disarmed populace. Many of them like the fact that law-abiding citizens are available to assist if the need arises. That is exactly what the second amendment is all about; it is the basis of the “Well armed Militia”, and the pool from which Sheriff’s draw their posses. A disarmed populace is no longer citizens; they are subjects, something the Founders wanted to prevent.

I suspect that the folks trying to disarm citizens are the same folks trying control every facet of your life. When Mayor Bloomberg pushes for stronger gun laws, he is being disingenuous; he claims that it is for your own good, for your safety, and well-being, just like his outlawing large sodas… really? This is the tactic, claim that removing pieces of your rights will somehow make you life better, cleaner, safer, healthier, while all the time it simply puts you in a smaller cage. A cage where your ‘masters’ can more easily pick your pocket, determine what you eat, drink, wear, and who you can love (and how)… makes me feel like someone’s pet, which reminds me of a song;

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Years ago, the Government wasn’t in everyone’s business, the Government by and large handled thing that individuals couldn’t. Now though, Big Brother is everywhere, and while that might have some dubious benefit, I wonder if the benefits outweigh the problems.

I’ve very nearly lost all patience with the entire LGBT movement, that’s not to say I don’t sympathize with them; I just think they are barking up the wrong tree. It seems like every time I turn around someone, somewhere is yelling about “equal rights” like a Government anywhere in the world could give you “rights” equal or not.

Rights do not stem from a Government, privileges do. Rights come from God (or Nature, or Bob the Magic Cabbage if you wish) not from Governments. Since a Government is formed by the people it governs (yes even Monarchies at this point) how can it, a creation of the people, provide a “Right” to the people?

If a same sex couple wants to get married (in the traditional sense – Church) then find a church that will marry you. Governments can give out Civil Unions all they want and they can call them anything they want, but they aren’t a marriage, those are Church supplied only. Marriage is a Sacrament in a Church, like Baptisms, or Bar Mitzvahs, or the Hajj. Since none of that has anything to do with Governments, there must be a communications disconnect somewhere… I suspect it has to do with politics.

If what the LGBT movement wanted was the right to visit their partners in the Hospital, or be a beneficiary in an insurance policy, or anything of the like, we could, gay and straight together, work to make that happen with a minimum of fuss (except for Westborough Baptist, some folks you just can’t talk with).

What seems to be the agenda though is an erosion of civic mores, what LGBT is trying to accomplish has less to do with rights, and more to do with control. They want to direct the narrative, they want to make people believe what and whom they are, is natural and force acceptance for a life style that, while not Evil, is Selfish, and serves only the individual, and not the species

In the past, I have had several friends that belong to the LGBT community, and certain personality clashes aside, they were good and loving friends. Definitely people that should be allowed to make the same choices the “mainstream” population is allowed to make. However, I cannot be convinced that any behavior associated with the LGBT community is ‘Natural’. Should they be punished because they are “unnatural”, no, should they receive a special “Right” because of their physiology (or choice), no.

What needs to happen, and I suspect, would solve most of the divisiveness in this question at least, is we (Gay, Straight, Ambivalent, or just confused) need to push the Government out of our lives for the last time. Let the Government worry about foreign trade or policing the harbors, not who kisses whom or what people are up to in the privacy of their own homes.

Alistair Crowley is quoted as saying “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” maybe that is just his fancy way of paraphrasing the Golden Rule; “Do unto other as you would have others do unto you”

If only we could convince our Representatives to follow it…

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Conversation on Evolution: Part III

You’ve stuck with this treatise (of a sort) this long, so you must be interested.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that part of the conversation, which started all of this, regarded why Humans don’t evolve anymore. Well, I think I have an answer…

All organisms evolve to adapt to fit their environment, all that is except one… Humans.

Humans don’t evolve to adapt any longer because they managed an evolutionary leap that hasn’t happened to any other organism or species, that I know of, in all of recorded history. Where animals grow fur or fangs, Humans learned to adapt their environment to them. Humans are the only organism that changes the environment to fit their populations. Oh I know, Bears live in caves, and Beavers build dams, but neither of them heat their homes, or light them with artificial lights.

From the time that Man first harnessed the power of fire, he no longer had to adapt to his surroundings. Furthermore, Man learned to build, first huts and temporary shelters for areas that did not supply natural shelter, then more and more sophisticated structures, all heated and lit with the “magic” fire. Man was able to use fire to fashion tools to assist in the ‘newly’ invented farming or animal husbandry, which allowed men to settle instead of migrating after the herds, or the ripening crops. All of these ‘evolutionary’ steps help take man off the evolution list, so no man doesn’t evolve like other animals, he adapts his surrounding to himself.

So how then does God fit into the evolution ‘debate’ well, God created the Universe (check the Bible and the first part of this article), he also created man in his image (though, I doubt it is a physical image, God is energy and spirit), and the process of evolution is (in my opinion) the method he used. I have found no indication that God is trying to hide his work from man, we may just not be able to understand what He is trying to show us.

There really is no reason to believe that Satan put Dinosaurs in the ground to fool us. Doesn’t it make just as much sense to believe that God created the world over the course of several million years so that all of the things we have (oil, natural gas, coal) would exist, and not in a ‘magic’ poof, but in a deliberate slow manner.

What a great way to show that he loves us and always has; He’s been watching and waiting for us all this time…

Now that is a much better Miracle…

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Conversation on Evolution: Part II

Yesterday I talked about Creation, today; I want to focus on Evolution. First, I want to make sure we all have the same definition of the word for clarity sake.

“Evolution is the process in which an organism adapts to better fit in its environment.”

Does everyone agree? (I hope so; I intend to move on using this definition.)

Most organisms have to change to fit the place they live, they adapt over hundreds or millions of years until they are not suited for any other place in the entire planet as well as they have adapted to their own little patch of the world.

Polar Bears would be at a horrible disadvantage if they were transplanted to the African Veldt, just as Lions would be ill prepared to live in the Polar Bears’ tundra. No one adaptation is truly superior to any other, but instead each has an advantage in its niche.

Which brings me back to the original conversation I had at work, and why humans don’t evolve, if evolution is real. Now to be fair, most of my life I accepted the Dogmatic answer that God created man, (and woman) and didn’t look at the process. I find no comfort in evolution; it requires a faith in chance that makes my faith in God look shaky. For evolutionists random chance over millions of years provides all of the impetus for evolutionary change.

I don’t quite buy that argument, simply because it requires so many random “wins”. Not all mutations will be beneficial, statistically most of them will be downright detrimental to the species, and not just in that generation, but cumulative negative mutations will make future generations (even if they were more successful then the parent generation) fail. Dinosaurs were perfectly adapted to their environment, and when the environment changed, they died out en-masse. So to say that evolution got us here by itself, well I don’t have that much faith in blind chance.

One of the other arguments I hear from evolutionists is that the Bible stated God created everything in seven days. I find it amusing when people who don’t “believe” in the Bible try to quote it at me to prove they are right, completely missing the point of the scripture they quote. My answer to the seven days drivel is “Who am I to restrict God to my time measurements.” The Bible states that God created Light, and separated out the Firmaments on the first day, and then just coasted along for the other five (he rested on the seventh day remember) doing the detail cleanup work. Now I don’t think that God, can, should or will be restricted to the twenty-for hour clock that works for us. Then again, maybe he only needed six days he is God after all.

The arguments tend to collapse then, if Evolution is a ‘stand-alone’ process it doesn’t work. Science has already mapped out the Human Genome, and since nearly everything on this planet that has DNA shares huge chunks with us, I tend towards God creating us in his Spiritual image not his physical one, and all the organisms on the planet are related to each other through the spark of life.

You see, Science shoots itself in the foot with evolution since it insists that non-living matter could “magically” (scientifically? randomly?) become alive, Louis Pasteur disproved that in the Nineteenth Century.

Nope sorry Science, rocks don’t come to life here, neither do inert chemical compounds. Scientists have been trying to duplicate the primordial soup for decades with no success, and never even a glimmer of life. So here we are, as clever as think we are, and we can’t replicate what chance did… Curious.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Conversation on Evolution: Part I

I was thinking today about a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a co-worker about creation, evolution and how humans fit into it all.

Now, first I need to tell you a little about me so you know where my head is. I grew up Roman Catholic, so you can guess that I had some truly formidable formative ideas welded into my personality early on. However, like many young Catholics I drifted away from the church and fell under the sway of that heresy, Science (you may gasp and shudder at this point). I joined the Navy as a young man and learned electronics, I completed my service and went to college and earned a degree in Chemistry (and Theater, yes I understand they don’t work well together). As I grew older and talked to more people about the creation of the world, I began to see a logical connection between the Biblical version, and the Scientific one.

It seems to me that the great divide between Religion and Science is that they can’t seem to reconcile the flaws in either of them with their own “Holy Writ” and that is what I’d like to discuss.

To start, I thought that I would start at the Beginning (it’s where the Universe and the Bible start after all).

In the Bible; God creates the Universe (although his reasoning may be considered a bit cynical or even narcissistic) by simply speaking it into being “And the Lord said Let There Be Light”

Science by contrast explains the creation of the universe with a “Big Bang” theory, and while there is some contention regarding the age of the universe and the amount of Carbon available I don’t find either theory to be outside the realm of possibility. It would seem to me that the Bible explains creation in the form of a “Big Bang”, long before there was any way or means to prove it, and in a way that ancient goat herders could understand.

The reason I give God credit for Creation, is that Science can’t seem to explain the cause they need for the effect. I will gladly adjust my views if someone can explain how the “Big Bang” works. If Science can give me a “before there was a Universe” scenario, that doesn’t contain a fluxuating Universe, running eternally between “Big Bang” and “Big Collapse” somewhere there has to be a start.

As far as I can tell from the evidence available, without a Creator God the Universe lacks a motive force to start, something that Science demands if the Laws of thermodynamics are really Laws.

In Science the Universe cannot spontaneously come into being, it must have an initial energy source.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A little more Conversation…

Not to paraphrase Elvis but… It looks like people are beginning to actually read these, and hope I don’t scare anyone off, but I would love this to become more of a conversation.

Most writers have to write in a vacuum, never really connecting with their audience, I would like to connect with any of you out there that might be reading these rants. Please feel free to tell me if you think I’m off-base, or if you agree with me, let me know.

I started this blog as a way to connect with folks that were looking for their own ‘Serenity Valley’, or ‘Galt’s Gulch’. I know you are out there, I see you in the comments sections of the various blogs and news stories that I read (so I know you aren’t shy).

I could be wrong of course; I may not be getting any readers yet, it could all be internet spambots hitting my posts…

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life of the Republic

What an interesting day September 11, 2013 turned out to be… A Million Muslim March, or as organizers chose to call it the “Million American March Against Fear”, fizzled. I don’t know if they were afraid of the Two Million Bikers riding into Washington D.C. or if they just couldn’t get the time off.

Regardless, a few dozen Muslim in attendance and the mainstream media machine can’t seem to find a story. The bikers, who by all reports I’ve seen so far, arrived from all over the United States and represented a cross-section of America, managed to bring in well over a million riders.

To top that accomplishment they were able to complete their ride, and their tribute to the victims of 9/11/01 without violence, or a permit.

There are times that I honestly believe this Country is headed for the ash-heap of history (usually after a long day dealing with the idiots that will be running the Country when I’m too old to fight back), but today wasn’t one of those days. I was proud to see the local police and firefighters showing their support for the entire length of this ride. To see Thousands upon thousands of Americans riding into our Nations Capital in defiance of a bureaucratic order demanding they have a permit prior to entering.

It just goes to show what Freemen (and Women) can do when they put their minds to it, maybe, just maybe there is a little life left in this old Republic after all.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Today is September 11, and like every other 9/11 for the past twelve years I find myself looking back. What could we have done to change the course of that fateful day? How were we responsible, or were we responsible at all for the events that day? Did our foreign policy set us up for an attack?

Now, like every September 11, before I don’t have an answer… all I feel on these anniversaries is pain.

Now of course the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi joins the 9/11/01 date and I mourn for the lost there as well.

When I left the Military in 1993 we were at peace, well sort of, the Russians who had for my entire life been the bad guys, were if not allies, at least friendly (as much I suppose as anyone who live under a repressive regime for 70 years could be). We were united in a common cause, the end of international terrorism. The Russians didn’t want their people killed in an attack by a psycho with a backpack full of explosives anymore than we did. We, for the first time in my life, were exchanging information; assisting one another in Space, on the battlefront, in law enforcement, we had a common enemy. An enemy that didn’t call a single country home, that believed in an ideology that couldn’t look at either of our countries as a friend, we were both enemies to Islam, preventing the growth of the Great Caliphate.

Now this morning and for the past several mornings I find that the Russians that I was beginning to feel could be our friends, are actively working with countries that sponsor terrorism. Russian warships have moved out of their normal patrol areas into the Mediterranean and are on an actively hostile footing, that we haven’t seen since the bad days of the Cold War.

I, and I am sure many of you, remember those days. Days waiting to see if this would be the day our leaders finally blinked and the missile started their deadly flight, days that could have been our last.

I was hoping all of that was behind us… with any luck this will end peacefully, all the war toys will be put away, and we can go back to trying to be friends again.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So once more, we hear the War Drums beat… TUM TUM TUM Johnny get your gun, we fixed Libya and Egypt now on to Syria.

Of course, this time no one else wants to play with us. The Russians are loudly supporting the Status Quo in Syria (someone is bound to get the weapons contract with the winners), and even our staunch allies the English aren’t willing to get involved.

Perhaps it’s “War Fatigue” or maybe the world is looking for a “Peaceful” solution… more likely though it has something to do with confusion. I keep a pretty close eye on the goings-on in the world, and I can’t for the life of me determine which side I want to win. I suppose like everyone else, I want the civilians to win. Helpless women and children didn’t sign up for a Civil War and they most certainly didn’t ask to be in the cross hairs of the United States.

The President says that we have incontrovertible proof (all right, maybe he didn’t say that exactly, but that’s the gist of it) that chemical weapons were used. Yeah, so… we had proof of chemical weapon use in Iraq before the war (a war Mr. Obama promised to end). Now all I hear is we need to attack Syria to oust the present Government and the only justification for this is apparently they gassed civilians. But wait, haven’t we heard this before…

After Desert Storm, George Bush Sr. was lambasted by the left for not doing enough, but he completed the U.N. objectives of removing Saddam’s troops from Kuwait, and returning the country to sovereignty. It would seem that only Republican administrations are war criminals and terrorists. Bill Clinton, during his administration, attacked Iraq several times, never actually destroying those annoying WMDs that Al Gore and Ted Kennedy told us were there during the first go round. Of course then comes George Bush Jr., and he is handed “proof positive” from our friends in Germany and France that a clear and present threat existed in Iraq, that Saddam had WMDs and that in time would also have a working Atomic Bomb and the missiles to launch it at Israel.

So, George II goes back to War (note, I didn’t say he started one… Gulf I was ended in a ceasefire, not peace, we were still at war with Iraq) and after beating the tar out of the Republican Guard (something you would think Democrats would cheer), all of a sudden he is the “Bad Guy” a “War Monger” and fighting a war for Oil. Well, that being what it may, at least we knew who we were fighting, why we were fighting them, and on whose side.

With Syria, I don’t feel that we know any of this, but I do know that we do not have a “coalition of the willing” this time. There is no U.N. resolution, no authorization from the U.S. Congress to wage war, no clear and defined target or goal. In short, we have nothing, and I’m just not comfortable sending young Americans into another Country to be sacrificed for what looks like Hubris.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

For lack of a better name "My Manifesto"

I have determined that perhaps I have not been especially clear on my political views, and rather than alienate old friends and new with piecemeal political rants, I, in a spirit of full disclosure provide this ‘manifesto’. I vote republican… That is not to say I agree with everything in their platform… I “AM’ a conservative, in the modern sense of the term, but politically I am a Liberal. To be a Liberal, means to believe in the ability of people to govern themselves. Prior to the founding of the United States there were dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of Liberals in the world, they just had no political power. To be Liberal meant that you believed that the King (Queen, Czar, Fuehrer, etc…) was not divinely appointed to rule over your life. That the land did not belong to “the King” that to hunt to feed your family could not violate ‘the LAW’ since GOD created the world only HE could determine the LAW. That creating food (wealth) out of the ground by the sweat of your brow did not entitle the lord of the manor to a portion of your goods. To be a true Liberal you must be willing to enter into mutually beneficial arrangements with others, arrangements that had set time limits, so as not to burden future generations with the limits you set, but to allow the future to set their own. We have become (again) a country divided between those that willingly kneel before the King, now called the government, and those that fight against Tyranny. Have we fallen to the level that requires “the blood of Patriots”? I hope not, but the lack of civil discourse in our politics, our social media, and in the media in general, seems to be pointing inexorably in that direction. Our state (and federal) lands have been fenced, and controlled by the government, they remind us every day that those lands set aside for ‘the Future’ no longer belong to us, but to the unelected bureaucrats that rule over us. When we elect our representatives, they are more and more powerless to speak for the people. They have been corrupted by power, and the corruption has moved from the government to the private companies (or vise versa) and back again. Power and money flow through the government and industry, no longer as one person in a mutually beneficial arrangement, but now from one behemoth to another crushing the individual and their initiative. Our past is fraught with mistakes, and outright cruelty, but that does not make the experiment called the United States cruel or intentionally dangerous. Our country came into its power at the middle of the 19th century, a time when colonialism ran rampant, but with great restraint, the United States avoided (mostly) the siren’s call for expansion. It could have been because we were a large country and had plenty of room to expand here, but I like to believe that it was because we were a young country, and still proud of our freedom, and couldn’t collectively enslave another country. Although individually we’ve had a way to go before we stopped enslaving other individuals.

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