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Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Conversation on Evolution: Part I

I was thinking today about a conversation I had a few weeks ago with a co-worker about creation, evolution and how humans fit into it all.

Now, first I need to tell you a little about me so you know where my head is. I grew up Roman Catholic, so you can guess that I had some truly formidable formative ideas welded into my personality early on. However, like many young Catholics I drifted away from the church and fell under the sway of that heresy, Science (you may gasp and shudder at this point). I joined the Navy as a young man and learned electronics, I completed my service and went to college and earned a degree in Chemistry (and Theater, yes I understand they don’t work well together). As I grew older and talked to more people about the creation of the world, I began to see a logical connection between the Biblical version, and the Scientific one.

It seems to me that the great divide between Religion and Science is that they can’t seem to reconcile the flaws in either of them with their own “Holy Writ” and that is what I’d like to discuss.

To start, I thought that I would start at the Beginning (it’s where the Universe and the Bible start after all).

In the Bible; God creates the Universe (although his reasoning may be considered a bit cynical or even narcissistic) by simply speaking it into being “And the Lord said Let There Be Light”

Science by contrast explains the creation of the universe with a “Big Bang” theory, and while there is some contention regarding the age of the universe and the amount of Carbon available I don’t find either theory to be outside the realm of possibility. It would seem to me that the Bible explains creation in the form of a “Big Bang”, long before there was any way or means to prove it, and in a way that ancient goat herders could understand.

The reason I give God credit for Creation, is that Science can’t seem to explain the cause they need for the effect. I will gladly adjust my views if someone can explain how the “Big Bang” works. If Science can give me a “before there was a Universe” scenario, that doesn’t contain a fluxuating Universe, running eternally between “Big Bang” and “Big Collapse” somewhere there has to be a start.

As far as I can tell from the evidence available, without a Creator God the Universe lacks a motive force to start, something that Science demands if the Laws of thermodynamics are really Laws.

In Science the Universe cannot spontaneously come into being, it must have an initial energy source.

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