Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Conversation on Evolution: Part III

You’ve stuck with this treatise (of a sort) this long, so you must be interested.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that part of the conversation, which started all of this, regarded why Humans don’t evolve anymore. Well, I think I have an answer…

All organisms evolve to adapt to fit their environment, all that is except one… Humans.

Humans don’t evolve to adapt any longer because they managed an evolutionary leap that hasn’t happened to any other organism or species, that I know of, in all of recorded history. Where animals grow fur or fangs, Humans learned to adapt their environment to them. Humans are the only organism that changes the environment to fit their populations. Oh I know, Bears live in caves, and Beavers build dams, but neither of them heat their homes, or light them with artificial lights.

From the time that Man first harnessed the power of fire, he no longer had to adapt to his surroundings. Furthermore, Man learned to build, first huts and temporary shelters for areas that did not supply natural shelter, then more and more sophisticated structures, all heated and lit with the “magic” fire. Man was able to use fire to fashion tools to assist in the ‘newly’ invented farming or animal husbandry, which allowed men to settle instead of migrating after the herds, or the ripening crops. All of these ‘evolutionary’ steps help take man off the evolution list, so no man doesn’t evolve like other animals, he adapts his surrounding to himself.

So how then does God fit into the evolution ‘debate’ well, God created the Universe (check the Bible and the first part of this article), he also created man in his image (though, I doubt it is a physical image, God is energy and spirit), and the process of evolution is (in my opinion) the method he used. I have found no indication that God is trying to hide his work from man, we may just not be able to understand what He is trying to show us.

There really is no reason to believe that Satan put Dinosaurs in the ground to fool us. Doesn’t it make just as much sense to believe that God created the world over the course of several million years so that all of the things we have (oil, natural gas, coal) would exist, and not in a ‘magic’ poof, but in a deliberate slow manner.

What a great way to show that he loves us and always has; He’s been watching and waiting for us all this time…

Now that is a much better Miracle…

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