Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Once again, we hear the mournful cry from Congress “Raise the Debt ceiling or we will run out of Money”. To that I say, good… when you or I run out of money we can’t run to the bank and demand, “give me more credit, or I’ll stop working!”

For normal people (that’s all of us folks not in Government) you live within your means, but when the Government runs out of money, because they waste a huge portion of it, they just increase their spending limit and stick us with the bill. None of that is the job of Congress; their job is to be responsible for the public purse, not dump its contents on the floor of the capital and roll in it.

We hear how without massive Government spending, roads wouldn’t be built, schools would lose all of their funding, fresh water would stop flowing into our homes, and veterans and the elderly will be left without benefits. Isn’t it strange that we never hear about the poor downtrodden Congress-critter that might not be able to take that “fact finding trip” to Aruba? Or the, well earned, 25th vacation trip for the (P) resident and his family.

No, Government flunkies bemoan every cost of living increase for veterans and the elderly claiming there isn’t enough money. They cry great, salty tears about the state of the nation’s infrastructure and how, with just a few more dollars, they could fix the problems plaguing the country. Never once thinking about the most important matter of all…

The States build and maintain the roads within their borders, not the Federal Government; local property taxes build and maintain Schools within their districts, just like the teacher salaries. Water quantity and quality is established and maintained by the local State and County, and in some cases larger cities. The Elderly, who were once the responsibility of their families, churches, and local communities, have become the responsibility of the Federal Government. Veterans, by their service, most definitely are the responsibility of the Government that placed them in harms way. Both of these groups though, were not originally the responsibility of the Government, that role has been usurped by the very Government that bemoans the cost.

Our Founders knew that a strong central government would need a strong military to enforce its will. For that reason they designed the United States to be a Federation of Independent States, each with it’s own military, and it’s own armories. Each member of the community was expected to assist in the defense of the Nation, or the State or in times of natural disaster to lend a hand in whatever way the community needed. Sheriff posses were built of the local manpower, wars were fought, not with Federal Soldiers (until after World War 2), but with local State Troops. In history, you’ll find the 3rd Massachusetts or the 1st Tennessee Volunteers even Theodore Roosevelt and his Rough Riders were Civilian Soldiers (National Guard).

So now instead of local people responding to local problems (feeding the poor, caring for the elderly, and veterans, building and maintaining roads and bridges), we get the “one-size-fits-no one” Federal Government solution. A solution that wastes and misallocates recourses and inevitably causes the individuals ‘served’ to become dependent on the single, monopolistic Government solution, not dependent upon his or her own drive, or his or her own community.

So, yes I think that we need to shut down the Government, it will be painful, but we need to stop feeding this beast and live with the pain.

It’s the only way we will ever be free again…

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