Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I want to start by saying that I shouldn’t have taken a weekend, you have no idea how guilty I felt not writing every day. All right, I know I’m not Hemingway or Charles Schultz, but I made a commitment to write and I let you down. (yes, you in the back there…)

Today I was informed that the Las Vegas Casino I work for would not be opening any full time positions at the end of the season, a first apparently. The reason, un-discussed, but the timing is coincidental.

Just as the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare to the rest of us) begins and insurance carriers are forced to reassess their portfolios and limit their exposure, full time employment seems to melt away like mist in the dawn.

All of this just seems to pat for me. If I were a conspiracy nut, I would surmise that all of this is just part and parcel of a larger plan.

 Roosevelt (F.D.R. not Teddy) creates the Social Security Administration, paving the way to Government Dependency. Next, Johnson’s (ongoing) ‘War on Poverty’ expands the dependant class, even though there are more poor people now than when the “War” started. Jimmy Carter played his part with his initial assault on American Manufacturing, with the 1970’s ‘Gas Crisis’ a manufactured ‘crisis’ if ever there was one. Clinton helped by ushering in the era of NAFTA (North America Free Trade Act), who out there remembers H. Ross Perot, and his “enormous sucking sound” of all American jobs moving out of the country if NAFTA passed. Now we get Obama and ACA, a law that Citizens didn’t want, which the U.S. can’t afford, that has already increased the number of people without Health Insurance, and it hasn’t even been implemented yet.

What makes all of that worse is that the same people that pushed so hard to get ACA passed, are the very people that now have exemptions to the law. If this is such a bang-up law, why then have the U.S. trade unions requested exemptions for their workers, and the President, his family, members of Congress, and their families, not to mention the various ‘one-per centers’ that can afford the high end health insurance who are also exempt.

It seems the only people stuck with ACA, are the people that fought not to have it in the first place.

Of course, I could just be a conspiracy nut…

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