Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Friday, September 27, 2013


After 21 long hours, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) finally relinquished the floor, now it’s up to the Senate Republicans to finish the job.

It was nice to see a Senator actually doing his job for a change, since I haven’t seen much actual integrity or concern from those august personages. Oh, they can get things done when they want to; look at some of the grand pieces of legislation they’ve presented to us over the last few years…

The Affordable Care Act, Senator Cruz is not the only person that can’t stand this load of malarkey; apparently, neither can its most vocal supporters since they have all wrangled an exemption of one sort or another from it. I suppose that when you name a piece of legislation, the name doesn’t have to actually live up to the hype. For crying out-loud this birdcage, liner of a bill is anything but affordable. Forbes magazine published and article reporting that insurance premiums would increase by 99% for Men and 62% for Women. How in the name of God is that affordable… it seems that the cheaper or most affordable option is to pay the fine to the I.R.S. directly, and just hope you don’t need the insurance.

Of course, if you need insurance, God willing you’ll actually get the care you need, in both Europe and Canada, people that have health issues quite often simply come to America for treatment. With the U.S. getting into the Socialized health game, where are those folks going to go, heck for that matter, were are we going to go, since it seems that the doctors don’t like or trust the ACA.

But, even if the statistics and the polls are wrong, and ObamaCare is the greatest thing since sliced cheese (sliced bread is soooo 20th century), it still leaves a bureaucracy in charge of health care, the exact same kind of bureaucracy that is in charge of the DMV, the Post Office, and the IRS. Really, do want those folks deciding if you need that cancer treatment? Bureaucrats are not interested in whether you are healthy or not, and frankly, they don’t give a hoot about how the country feels, what they care about is if the proper box is ticked and the right form is filled out. Yes, I know that there are good and dedicated people working in the various bureaucracies of the U.S. Government, not every flunky is a complete slave to “The Man”, but do you want to take that chance…

I don’t…

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