Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

For lack of a better name "My Manifesto"

I have determined that perhaps I have not been especially clear on my political views, and rather than alienate old friends and new with piecemeal political rants, I, in a spirit of full disclosure provide this ‘manifesto’. I vote republican… That is not to say I agree with everything in their platform… I “AM’ a conservative, in the modern sense of the term, but politically I am a Liberal. To be a Liberal, means to believe in the ability of people to govern themselves. Prior to the founding of the United States there were dozens, perhaps hundreds or thousands of Liberals in the world, they just had no political power. To be Liberal meant that you believed that the King (Queen, Czar, Fuehrer, etc…) was not divinely appointed to rule over your life. That the land did not belong to “the King” that to hunt to feed your family could not violate ‘the LAW’ since GOD created the world only HE could determine the LAW. That creating food (wealth) out of the ground by the sweat of your brow did not entitle the lord of the manor to a portion of your goods. To be a true Liberal you must be willing to enter into mutually beneficial arrangements with others, arrangements that had set time limits, so as not to burden future generations with the limits you set, but to allow the future to set their own. We have become (again) a country divided between those that willingly kneel before the King, now called the government, and those that fight against Tyranny. Have we fallen to the level that requires “the blood of Patriots”? I hope not, but the lack of civil discourse in our politics, our social media, and in the media in general, seems to be pointing inexorably in that direction. Our state (and federal) lands have been fenced, and controlled by the government, they remind us every day that those lands set aside for ‘the Future’ no longer belong to us, but to the unelected bureaucrats that rule over us. When we elect our representatives, they are more and more powerless to speak for the people. They have been corrupted by power, and the corruption has moved from the government to the private companies (or vise versa) and back again. Power and money flow through the government and industry, no longer as one person in a mutually beneficial arrangement, but now from one behemoth to another crushing the individual and their initiative. Our past is fraught with mistakes, and outright cruelty, but that does not make the experiment called the United States cruel or intentionally dangerous. Our country came into its power at the middle of the 19th century, a time when colonialism ran rampant, but with great restraint, the United States avoided (mostly) the siren’s call for expansion. It could have been because we were a large country and had plenty of room to expand here, but I like to believe that it was because we were a young country, and still proud of our freedom, and couldn’t collectively enslave another country. Although individually we’ve had a way to go before we stopped enslaving other individuals.

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