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Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Friday, September 20, 2013



You young lady, how about you sir… watch the queen and win”

Am I alone, or does anyone else feel like they are listening to a three-card Monte huckster while watching the news lately with Syria as the queen. First, there is the “magical” appearing then disappearing, then reappearing ‘red-line’. Next, the United States is going to war with a country that not only doesn’t pose a National Security Threat, but even if it did, isn’t at war with us and slightly supports us. Yes, Assad is a Jerk and Dictator, but for the most part, he was ‘our’ Dictator, so much so that he met with the President at the Whitehouse. All this to arm an assist ‘Syrian Rebels’ who, from all reports, also possess poison gas and a much better motive to use it, especially on their own people. Being the victim of the dictatorial regime gives them a platform to call for the big guns of the U.S. to get involved in what is essentially a Civil War. What makes all of this even worse, it appears that the rebel faction that the President is so keen on assisting is linked to Al-Qaeda, with who we are at war.

So, the other day a loony shoots up a military base where the military personnel are un-armed, and unable to shoot back. Today Syria may, or may not miss the first deadline regarding their weapons of mass destruction, which coincidentally only affects the Government stockpiles, not the Rebel weapons. But, it really doesn’t matter because the deadline isn’t tied to any specific enforcement threat, Russia won’t join a coalition with the U.S. to force them to comply, the U.N. won’t send any strongly worded resolutions (which resolve nothing) and if Assad is smart, won’t matter a great deal to anyone outside of the Hague in the first place.

Overall, it looks, and is beginning to feel like; the folks in charge are ‘driving the wheels off this wagon’ and don’t know or care how to stop.

Once upon a time, the world was run by grown-ups; sane and sober, men and women that cared about the well-being of their respective countries, and while they would go to war at the drop of the proverbial hat, they went with a purpose and plan. The leaders of the past looked towards a definite goal, a reason to send their young men into the fire of war. Now, our leaders seem unaffected by the carnage and bloodshed, sending the best and bravest into a meat grinder to be maimed and maddened to no point and no purpose.

Yet we stand by and watch them leave, we wave flags, and support our troops, we mourn our dead, and try to help the returning wounded.

Maybe we should work to removing the tantrum-throwing children from the seats of power and putting adults back in charge, until then we can only watch and wait for them to bring the boys back home.

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