Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So the left is blaming sequester for the Navy Yard shooting
What is worse is they tried to blame the dreaded AR-15 (a big scary gun) on the actions of a drug addled, ex-mental patient, who coincidentally supports the left and loves Obama.

How is it, the ‘Lame stream’ media continues the meme that the right is dangerous and that we want to throw grandma off a cliff, or that we are waging a war against women, when all evidence shows the opposite. When thousands of gun owners can get together at gun shows, hunting trips and other gun related events and not kill one another, you begin to wonder where all these dangerous guns are coming from.

When President Clinton disarmed military bases, he put a target on each every member of the United States Military. Perhaps, if the servicemen and women were armed there would have been a different outcome. Here are just nine examples of the power of an armed populace.
Yet with the evidence supporting armed citizens, the left continues to push for our disarmament, one might wonder why. It’s said, “If guns are illegal, only criminals will own guns”, and in my case, that would be true. I’ve spoken to Law Enforcement Officers about this and while it isn’t a scientific poll, I haven’t found one of them that would rather have a disarmed populace. Many of them like the fact that law-abiding citizens are available to assist if the need arises. That is exactly what the second amendment is all about; it is the basis of the “Well armed Militia”, and the pool from which Sheriff’s draw their posses. A disarmed populace is no longer citizens; they are subjects, something the Founders wanted to prevent.

I suspect that the folks trying to disarm citizens are the same folks trying control every facet of your life. When Mayor Bloomberg pushes for stronger gun laws, he is being disingenuous; he claims that it is for your own good, for your safety, and well-being, just like his outlawing large sodas… really? This is the tactic, claim that removing pieces of your rights will somehow make you life better, cleaner, safer, healthier, while all the time it simply puts you in a smaller cage. A cage where your ‘masters’ can more easily pick your pocket, determine what you eat, drink, wear, and who you can love (and how)… makes me feel like someone’s pet, which reminds me of a song;

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