Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I was searching for something to write about today, and my lovely wife said “Freedom is hard”, I can’t even remember what we were talking about, but that one sentence stuck.

I started thinking about the little things that have slowly made Americans ‘Risk Adverse’. Previous generations of Americans carved out a Nation from a primal wilderness, folks that were ‘Risk Adverse’ need not apply. So where did all of these people come from? How did the pioneering American frontiersman become the timid European city-dweller? I can only assume that we’ve breed out the rough and tumble and left only the polished urban dandy through the destruction of our will.

On October 24, 1929 the United States suffered the worst economic disaster in its history, the Stock Market dropped an astounding 11% (yes, only 11%) at the opening bell. Compared to the “crash” in October 2008, where the Dow lost 18% over the week, you’d think that they were overreacting in ’29. However, in 1929, an 11% drop on the first day was just the beginning and by the end, the Stock market lost 89% of its value. What does all of this have to do with Freedom you ask; well it was this crash that allowed the first of the ‘Freedom sappers’ to start siphoning our will…

In 1935, President Roosevelt implemented Social Security in an attempt to limit the effects of the Crash. As an aside, in 1935, Social Security did not include women or minorities (blacks); it was set up to reduce the effects of poverty only for white males (I thought that was interesting). What Mr. Roosevelt put together was in fact Socialism, a charge brought up in the Senate prior to passage, and worse than Socialism (if that’s possible) was that it began the slide into Government dependency. Now you didn’t have to plan for a fickle future, saving and husbanding your resources or working until you died now you could have leisure time and your benevolent Government would watch over you in your golden years. Now, with the Government looking out for Mom and Pop, Junior could live his life without the question of what to do with his parents when they got old. Yes, Mr. Roosevelt sure paved a golden future; all it required from you was a little contribution from you and your employer, what could be easier?

Of course, if we fast forward a few years, with the Social Security “lock-box” and its millions of dollars languishing outside of the grasp of Congress, we find a temptation that no Congress Critter could resist. Heck, that money was coming in far faster than the surviving retires could take it out, why not just add it to the General Fund and use it to pay for some of the other programs that are so important. Really, Social Security could never run out of money right. By the 1980’s Social Security was broke, a combination of long living retires, and less workers paying into the system due to trade imbalances, and outsourcing of jobs doomed the system. The fact that the Congress had raided the Fund was telling, but the inevitable crash was inherent in the scheme from the beginning.

Now, seventy (plus) years later and we are still attempting to repair a system that was designed to fail. On the Short term, Social Security would have worked brilliantly, if the first recipients of the Government largess had put money into the fund, and if Congress had resisted the urge to rob from the American Worker, a temptation no Critter ever resisted.

While Social Security was one of the first will sapping Government policies, it is far from the last, or in my opinion the worst. The rest might just keep me writing for a few weeks or maybe not…

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I just spent twelve minutes listening to a rant that I agreed with, but while listening I began to wonder if the biggest problem we are facing is not the Statists, but ourselves. I agreed with what the narrator was saying, but I found my attention wandering.

If I agreed with the sentiment, but couldn’t focus on the message, what hope do we have of convincing those that don’t agree with us? How do we ‘win the hearts and minds’ of the rest of the populace? How do we reset the American Cultural Mindset?

Once we sent American Culture abroad, showing the world the best of us. Somewhere in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s something changed, we began exporting stories not about American Exceptionalism, but about how we had, or would, or could fail. The movies “Patton” and “Kelly’s Heroes” both debuted in 1970 and both were set during the second world war, but in terms of message they may as well been written in different Countries on different Continents during different times. One shows American Greatness through the eyes of a hero defeating the greatest scourge of human history, the other, while a favorite of mine, shows the fallibility of American Soldiers motivated only by greed. Something Statists promote at every turn. Recently (for me anyway) the movie “Three Kings” reinforces, for a new generation, the theme that Americans are motivated only by Greed, not honor or integrity.

How then can we, without fighting for our Culture, change the direction our country is headed? We’ve sat passively on our couches and in Movie theaters year after year allowing them to anesthetize friends, our Families, co-workers and us. We have become willing participants in numbing not only our own minds, but also everyone we distract from reality around the water cooler with recaps and play-by-play recitations of last nights propaganda. The Statist tactic is sound, begin to bend the young to your will in the schools, reinforce the message with the mass media, and punish those that speak out… and if you have done you work well they will ostracize and punish their peers without your assistance (Tea-baggers, home-grown terrorists, extremists, RACISTS).

Now, perhaps its too late, maybe we can’t rescue the United States before the Republic becomes just a Republic in name like any other ‘Peoples Republic’ - of the Party, for the Party. I shudder to think that it is too late to change course because the alternative is too horrific to imagine. America suffered a Civil War already; a Second round is not preferable…

Saturday, October 19, 2013


In my last post (ANDTHEY’RE BACK) I touched on the debt limit and some of the problems with fiat money. What I didn’t discuss was the way this entire debt crisis was staged and handled.

This entire fiasco is a product of an out of control executive branch. From the signs declaring public land closed to the very speeches given by The (P)resident and his minions. None of this was spontaneous; each step of this “crisis” is orchestrated. The signage alone would take weeks, if not months to create, and yet hours after the ‘shutdown’ professionally printed signs specific to each Monument, Museum and Memorial appeared as if by magic. Mr. Obama has never given a speech that was not thoroughly parsed and vetted to ensure that every word carried just the right amount of invective directed at his personally identified enemies. Yet, within hours of the “Republican shutdown”, Mr. Obama and his lapdog media minions appeared spouting half-truths and outright lies about the debt crisis and how the ‘Extremist Right’ was holding the Country hostage. Not once did the Main-Stream Media expose the Truth…

Al Gore wrote a book called “An Inconvenient Truth” in which he attempts to lay the blame of Climate Change on human activity. What he neglects to mention is that this is not the first or even second time the climate has changed. It seems that this is a running theme with the Statists in our Government as well as the Media, tell a lie long enough and loud enough and it becomes the truth. The truth is (as far as I can tell) that the “conservative” wing of the Government sold out the “Extremist” people who simply want the Government to do as little as possible either to them, or for them. All the ‘right wing’ needed to do was… nothing; they needed to hold to the narrative that the Whitehouse was playing games with the Shutdown.
For anyone who may need a little pep talk regarding this or even for anyone who thinks I’m ‘talking out of my hat’ take a listen to State Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA), a rare California Republican, who lays it all out in a (barely) broadcast C-SPAN speech before the Congress.

Then tell me again how we can change the system without resorting to violence…

Friday, October 18, 2013


Here we are now a full day with the Government back in business, and what do we have to show for it? Well how about nothing, squat, nada, zilch, zero, frankly we have less than zero. With the Government up to its usual foolishness, we have approximately 16 trillion less than zero.

Now I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but when is enough, enough, anyone with a lick of sense would tell you that when your bank account is in the red, you stop spending. But, not our “leaders” for some reason they seem to believe that governments somehow are exempt from the same economic laws that the rest of us need to live with. What really scares the heck out of me is that there are grown adults in the world that believe that line of tripe, that somehow a country doesn’t have to recognize the law of supply and demand simply because it can print its own money. Even worse, if you try the same trick, the government man will put you in jail for Counterfeiting, even though the government does it all the time, with no repercussions. Sure, the Government has that right pursuant to section 8 of the U.S. Constitution

“…To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;…”

Nowhere in there does it say that the government has the right to turn over the production of the Governments script (money) to a private banking cartel, or to print funny money of its own.

I would like to see the United States return to a ‘real’ Money standard; I have never liked paper fiat money. There are several reasons for this, first it doesn’t feel right, Gold and Silver have weight and sound to them that is more ‘real’ than an equal amount of paper. Granted paper money is much easier to carry, but it doesn’t jingle, or have a heft that coin carries with it. Secondly, you can’t bury yourself in debt. If you don’t have the resources, you can’t have the money. The United Stats was much better off when it had to have assets to back up the public debt rather than “the full faith and Credit of the United States”. Trading on a good name is fine when you can pay your debts, but when being in debt becomes a habit, you would think your creditors would begin to get nervous.

Which unfortunately seems to be happening, China, one of our largest foreign creditors, has downgraded us, while that might not be of immediate concern, it does speak volumes to the future. The U.S. Debt has been downgraded twice in our history, both during Mr. Obama’s tenure. Think what you will of that, but in my opinion, it shows either a complete lack of understanding and leadership, or it is intentional mismanagement designed to destroy the Country.

I don’t want to think that someone with Evil intent could be elected to the highest office in the Country without someone of Character speaking up, but I find it hard to fathom the level of incompetence required to damage an economy as resilient as the United States as well.

If anyone has a third option, I would be open to suggestions…

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


There I said it… with the capitulation of the House; congress has at last abrogated their final, remaining tool. The ‘Power of the Purse’ was the last reason for the House, and now they have revealed to the world that Congress is no more than a rubber stamp for a petty and arrogant Dictator.

 The reprehensible actions of the Left; closing parks, monuments and memorials while spending our money frivolously for Vacations and Golf outings only serves to illuminate how far out of sorts is our Country.

From this day forward Mr. Obama can demand, and expect, unwavering obedience from our Representatives. This is not how this Country was founded, and for good reason. As a single branch of the Government collects more power, the less stable the Government becomes. Power amassed in House of Representatives becomes ‘Mob Rule’, as simple majorities decide the future and fate of the country and no rule restraining the Majority is created or enforced, and all laws contain, and control the Minority forcing them into an ever lower strata in society. Collected power in the Senate creates an Oligarchy, where only the elite rule and the rest of the society are left with the scraps (France before the Revolution is a grand example of both those scenarios.

However, we are entering into possibly the worst of all, a Dictatorship. The collection of power in the executive branch, with no restraints leads to madness, bloodshed and War.

Hitler believed in his heart, that what he did was for the good of Germany. That what he accomplished was purely evil is self evident, but Hitler did not believe he was committing atrocities. What Mr. Obama is doing with the thousands of pages of ACA is not in itself evil, but like rise of the National Socialists, the end result is unpredictable.

What we have, as a free people is a government that was designed to run poorly, Laws should be difficult to pass and should always cover all of the Citizens, not Just those that can afford to buy Justice…

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yesterday the stock market closed up just under 65 points, New York reports that for the last week there were no murders, and the country of France is moving to the Right – politically (don’t get to excited, in Europe Fascists and Socialists are considered Right wing, while Communists are considered Left wing – They are all Statist).

I couldn’t understand all of this good news (unless you are French, I’ll get to that in a bit), we are at day fourteen of the Government Shutdown, and frankly I’m a bit disappointed. I was told to expect the Sky to fall, and the Earth to stop spinning by this time. Really, what are the Statist politicians doing with all of the largess we keep pouring into their trough, the least they could do would be to fulfill their promises and stop the system long enough so we could get used to the idea that life goes on without the government. Now though they seem to be cracking, well at least that is what they are telling the Media, and a “compromise” is in the works.

I wonder if the “compromise” they are so excited about will entail the Liberal Republicans (RINO) caving in to the demands of the Whitehouse, as they have in every “compromise” deal that I can remember. To the Left, a compromise is you giving in and doing what they want, not ‘you lose a little, and I lose a little’. So far from the Whitehouse, all we have heard is how the Tea party is delaying compromise, how Republicans are responsible for the shutdown. Well I think we all know that isn’t the case, Republicans in the House provided four compromises before October 1, all of them refused by the Whitehouse. The Whitehouse blames Congress for the closures of National Parks and Monuments, even though Congress doesn’t have that authority. All of the closures were ordered from the Executive Branch (the Whitehouse).

And yes, I understand that this is all just ‘business as usual’ for this administration, but I would like to believe that the American people could be a little more worked up about this…

Which brings me to the shift in French politics (where the populace riots for any reason); in Europe during a financial crisis or any crisis frankly, the populace tend to turn inward and begin solidifying Nationalist ideals. The fear of loss shows as a rise in Anti-Semitism and Anti-Immigration, as the population looks for someone to blame, never looking at the real cause of their troubles. The last time a European country shifted to the right, Hitler took power in Germany.

I don’t want anyone to think that the new French political movement is a return to NAZI Germany, but this is how they start, they begin gaining political power in the Suburbs and small communities then spread to the Cities. By then… well let us hope that it doesn’t come to that again.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Several days ago I wrote a post were I lamented Mr. Obama’s firsts, and alluded to his possible Royal ambitions. I may have been too harsh… 

In Feudal times, the King surrounded himself with courtiers and sycophants, other members of the peerage emulated the royal manners in their own little fiefdoms. The peasants toiling in the fields were expected to bow to any and sundry members of the ruling elite and the rules of etiquette ensured that everyone knew their place in the feudal system.

At the bottom the vilest villein, knew his lord, and accepted his lot with grace, knowing full well that any class mobility was a futile dream. The Lords of the Manor accepted their due, as was their right, even if it meant hardship and privation in the villages and shires. The Manor was the highest form of governance any of the peasants could hope to appeal; the local Lord, who held the power of life and death, their word LAW, judged all matters.

The local Lords, beholden to the King, collected their land taxes and ensured they filled the royal coffers. Further, in times of strife or warfare the local Lords made up the bulk of the Kings army, pulling in their own retainers as well as the peasants from the fields to serve.

All of this would paint a bleak picture of a Medieval Monarch except, each King understood where his power lay, and how many of his peasants could safely be fed to the fray before the Kingdom ground to a halt. I fear that Mr. Obama does not.

While he surrounds himself with courtiers and sycophants, and has even gone so far as to encourage Royal behavior in his Family and others member of the new peerage, a position that even carries similar court etiquette. What he has failed to do is respect the power in the peasant class. No, Mr. Obama acts more like a Socialist Dictator than like a Monarch ever did. Louis XVI knew what could happen if he isolated himself from the peasants, he did nothing to prevent it, but the French Revolution could not have surprised him.

By his actions in ignoring the compromises offered by the House Mr. Obama holds full responsibility for the partial Government shutdown. He is acting less like a Chief executive, or even a Monarch for that matter, and more like a Despot. He demands unconditional surrender from his political rivals and blind obedience from the peasantry.

Perhaps that is why he has such a difficult time understanding the protest marches outside of the Whitehouse, or the Nation-wide Tea party rallies across the Nation.

I can only hope that he learns to hear the Chants of the dispossessed before, like Louis he awakes to a Revolution not of his making and an end not of his choosing…

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Today’s post is running a little late, alright a lot late, but in my defense I sat down last night to write and really wasn’t inspired. It seemed like nothing was happening, the Government was still shut down, and Mr. Obama was still blaming everyone but himself for the shutdown and life, as we know it was still slogging along just like always, with the possible exception of less NSA snoops listening in to our communications. But then, I started thinking, and since I spent the day with my family, it was disjointed thinking, what are we not hearing about?

I started looking at some of the more conspiracy theory stories that were leaking out of the beltway; I was surprised then to find that the Truck drivers protest in Washington D.C. barely rated a mention. The Lame-stream Media is less concerned with threats to Nobel peace prize nominee, Malala Yousafzai than with the White House refusing to cooperate with the Congress. The silence, and it is by no means completely silent, is deafening.

A month ago, the “million motorcycle” march descended onto Washington D.C. and nearly shut down the town. Now there are hundreds of thousands of bikers, returning to the Capitol to protect Veterans going to the memorials in protest. Of course, you can only find the pictures and videos of thousands of angry Americans in all but open revolt against a Government that is not listening to them, and in several cases is directly opposing the will of the people that elected them, on Facebook or other social media.

I find it strange that people that spend so much of their time reading polls can’t look out the window when the people come directly to them in anger. I suppose the problem is that they don’t care about the people, but about the power the office provides, since we are that power, maybe it’s time we make a bigger noise…

Friday, October 11, 2013


During this latest spate of shutdowns, I started thinking of truly non-essential government agencies, strictly in a non-partisan way of course, though perhaps I am biased. Anyway, here is my list and my reason for inclusion: 

The TSATSA is a boondoggle, if Airlines are concerned with safety, and I see no reason why they wouldn’t be, they could pay for Security. El Al, the National Airline of Israel has handled their own security for years, why can’t American Airlines or Southwest. The upshot is the taxpayers no longer have to pay for a security system that they don’t all use, and the airlines can compete with each other regarding passenger safety. El Al for example is justifiably proud that they have not suffered a successful hijacking since starting their program. If you were concerned about safety, would that not be a selling point? It allows the marketplace to determine how much risk a traveler is willing to accept, without the Government supplying a demeaning and often inconvenient process. 

Next on the list would be the National Park Service, good-bye Ranger Smith, under my plan, States would have control of the Parks within their borders and they would be overseen by the United States Army Corp of Engineers. The Engineers built the original Parks system in the first place and it has survived for more than one hundred years. The funds necessary for upkeep could just as easily go to the States (they would come from use fees just like now) rather than the inefficient Federal Government. 

After the Parks would go the Department of Education, the Department of Education historically asks for budget increases every year, and every year the Federal Government provides more taxpayer funds “for the Children”. Yet every year our children get less education but more indoctrination. Prior to 1979, each state had its own education department and was able to adjust its programs and funding as it saw fit. Ironically though, the Federal Cabinet position did not replace the States Agencies, it simply added one more layer of Bureaucracy to an already bloated Government and kept the State offices as well. So now, instead of having an agile State agency that can alter course in midstream if things aren’t going well, we get a second layer of bureaucratic bloat to slow progress and ensure failure. 

With just these three Departments cut, the Federal Government could save billions of dollars, or since Government has never shown a propensity to save or wisely invest a windfall, maybe cut some of the foreign debt that is accumulating daily in this country.

Regardless though, something has to give, the all-powerful state cannot continue to exist; it will inevitably collapse under its own weight.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I’d been thinking about writing a long and boring treatise on Economics for regular people, but during a conversation, I had the other day I began to wonder if I was attacking the problem from the right direction.

I was speaking to a young man and he asked, “Why are we in debt, if we can just print our own money?” Well, honestly, my first reflex was to explain the nature of fiat currency, supply and demand, and any of the various myriad reasons that it didn’t work like that. Luckily, something else interrupted us, and I didn’t get the chance to bore him to death with a lifetimes worth of Economic theory. However, it did get me thinking that maybe he was a great illustration of the problem.

Our education system produced that young man, and hundreds of thousands of young minds just like him. Our school system will teach a ‘variation’ on the classics Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. What it doesn’t teach is Love of Reading, or Comprehension of what one read, Concise writing (I am probably guilty of this sin), or Actual Logical Thought, which makes Arithmetic function beyond the 2+2=4 range.

Educators (versus Teachers) instruct young readers in the chore of reading making it a punishment and a drudge. This disdain follows them into their Adult lives, as they shun books and primary source documentation for the movie of the week or the popular TV sitcom. There is nothing inherently wrong with Movies or TV, in moderation, but too many of our young are loathe to expand their mind outside of what is prepackaged and homogenized for them. When they do read it is with reluctance and without comprehension, they struggle through the assigned texts dragging their feet and when completed, don’t remember what they read. When they do remember what they read it is in the most superficial way that every bit of meaning is lost to them. I contend that this is an intentional attack on the human mind, having forced myself to read the assigned work throughout school I found them to be boring and without style or substance. What they did contain though was a specific ideology, no longer was reading designed to teach you ‘how’ to think, now it is used to teach ‘what’ to think.

Modern education walked away from ‘the marketplace of Ideas’ and the sharing of human experience when it changed the writing requirements. Altering the character of Writing from sharing thoughts to a technical exercise designed to numb the brain and stifle the individual. I would rather read passion executed badly, than bland mush written brilliantly. Perhaps I am alone in this, but I’ve recently discovered the magic of the nineteenth century adventure novels. These are the beginning and basis of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Laura Croft”, and even “Star Wars”, none of these modern stories could exist without H. Rider Haggard and his “King Solomon’s Mines” or H. G. Wells “the Time Machine”. Now though children write with the passion of advertising copy or a technical manual, how many great stories have died at the hand of modern education?

Regarding Mathematics, most young people I’ve encountered recently can’t count back change, or compute simple arithmetic without the use of a calculator. I admit a certain amount of laziness on my own part when balancing the family budget, I prefer to use the calculator as a crutch but I could find the answer ‘longhand’ if needed. Too many of our young people have no understanding of how numbers function together, and the beauty of more complex mathematics. They are left with a substandard education, which we as parents are expected to pay for, that leaves them ill prepared to provide for themselves in the future.

Incompetence in any one discipline I could excuse perhaps, especially if it occurred in a single locality or across a specific racial or economic divide. That would be expected, for years we were told that “girls aren’t good a math” and we seem to have accepted that regardless of any evidence to the contrary. Since all areas of education seem to be a failure, I can only assume this is an intentional attack, which leaves the Questions…

Why? Who could possibly benefit? What purpose does an uneducated population serve?

I’ve only discovered one answer that fits all of these questions (and more)… An uneducated mass serves only the ruling elite. Without the ability to think and reason, to write with passion or to communicate complex thoughts and ideas, the mass are molded to serve and have no ambition to reach higher, to serve them selves first, not the state.

Educated people are free people; our Founders believed that, they lived it. How have we managed to forget that simple maxim…?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Mr. Obama, the current (P)resident in the White House seems to live for firsts. During his tenure, he is the first African-American (though some would argue the American part, I won’t quibble in this post) to hold the office. He is the first to preside over a reduction in the United States credit rating, from AAA to AA+ (Outstanding to Excellent). He is (so far as I can find) the first to refuse to negotiate with the Congress on a budget, thought to lay that at his doorstep is probably unfair, since he is also the first to fail to pass a budget for an entire term. Moreover, if nothing changes, he will be the first to preside over a default.

Even in the darkest days of the Great Depression, the United States has always found a way to pay its debts, but with the petulant children in control of the Government today, that may end. Our elected officials appear to be more concerned with spending money they don’t have, than with what is actually good for the Country that they are supposed to represent. In your household, like mine, when you run out of money, you can borrow a limited amount. You are not able to raise your borrowing limit arbitrarily, that is a decision made by your lender based on your credit worthiness. What has happened though is that we, the American People, have allowed spendthrifts the keys to the vault and unlimited access to the checkbook. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Other people have written about how we need to impeach the President, recall various and sundry Congress-critters, or worse, simply learn to live with the ‘new’ normal.

I, could never content myself with living in the ‘new’ normal, America is, was, and will always be the last best hope for humanity. We are the Country that oppressed people flee to, not from, and anything that endangers that reputation I will oppose with all my heart.

Therefore, in order to impeach a sitting chief executive, the House of Representatives must pass an order of Impeachment, and then the Senate must agree to the impeachment. I think that is, at best, a long shot at this point. Our Congress would argue for a week on what to have for lunch, let’s not assume any of them would have the personal fortitude to lead that charge. Therefore, impeachment is off the table.

Of the three options we are allowed to discuss, we are left with recalling Congress. I think this option is the least likely since removing 535 people individually is unlikely, there has been some movement in this direction, but to little too late. The worst part is that the ones removed are at best only slightly better than the reprobates they have replaced. What could be even worse is if, we could remove the entire Congress in one sweep, what prevents the Executive branch from simply refusing to seat a new one. Mr. Obama has lamented, “He is not a Dictator”, without a Congress, what would stand in the way of him becoming one. For that matter, what is the Congress doing now that essentially curtails his imperial ambitions. Through Executive Orders and public tantrums, he has bullied and forced congress to abrogate much of its duties to the Executive branch.

So maybe he will have one more first to brag about when he is crowned Barack the First…

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A “Triumph” for the 1st amendment…

By the time you read this it will be old news, but today (Tuesday Oct. 8, 2013) a group held a rally on the ‘closed’ National Mall, right in front of the Capitol Building and just minutes from the White House. What make this story important is that the Group was allowed to Rally, they were given permission to use Federal Land during the alleged massive shutdown. No, they weren’t Veterans, or Motorcyclists from around the U.S. Heck, it wasn’t even the Truck Drivers, which promised to arrive around Oct. 11, 2013.

Nope, it was a group dedicated to Immigration Reform, their rally is billed as the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform”. This pro-illegal alien group is attempting to change the law of the land to make entering the country easier, and once in, providing Government handouts to folks that couldn't be bothered to enter this country legally.

In the ‘new’ normal the office of the (P)resident, can indeed turn back the tides, or at least close the Ocean. They can find money to pay for extra security to close, patrol and defend our Nations monuments, but not to fund the Government. What makes this such a slap in the face, is the Administration is hurting the American people, while protecting the free speech of non-natives and their supporters.

As citizens our taxes provide for the maintenance of the parks and monuments. Maintained so all Americans can make use of them, not so a group of people attempting to subvert our Culture can use the space so recently denied to American Veterans.

This Administration has declared War on its citizens, in a way that no other Government has ever had the gumption to do. If the founders were here today, we would already be shooting back. Of course that might be exactly what this Administration wants; a group of American patriots fighting in the streets against the police. If that is what they want, maybe it is time and past time to fight back…

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I’ve been watching, or rather reading, all of the vitriol spewing out of the media lately regarding the Government Shutdown, and who’s at fault. What I don’t seem to see though is any sort of intelligence regarding this mess.

I’ve seen people blaming the House Republicans for blocking the implementation of ObamaCare, as if that wasn’t their job. If Congress was not suppose to fight and argue, we could have just saved all that effort in 1776 and kept the King we had. Instead, yapping Statists keep trying to defend, what is probably the most ridiculous piece of legislation ever written. What makes this “debate” more pathetic is they are trying to defend it not on its merit, but by stating, “It’s the law”. Well yippee, does that mean we need to enforce prohibition (the 18th amendment to the Constitution – which the administration probably hasn’t read anyway), maybe we need to re-instate ‘Jim Crow’ or allow lynching in the South, I’m fairly certain that all of that was “the Law”. I would be willing to bet that in their heart of hearts Statists want to go back to Slavery, heck they opposed Emancipation in the first place and put most of the freedom restrictive laws on the books to begin with.

Of course, you will never hear a modern ‘Liberal’ admit that, to them the parties have shifted position. The Republicans of Lincoln and Roosevelt (Theodore not FDR) are what the modern ‘Liberal’ consider Democrats today. Without a doubt, it shows their ignorance of history, or even a limited grasp of real Freedom to think that for one minute Abraham Lincoln would agree with any of their re-distribution policies, or Teddy would support the segregation of the United States into warring factions, rich against poor, black versus white, young against old.
Not bloody likely, Teddy once said; "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all." … So I think the Kingmakers need to reevaluate their idea of what a ‘Liberal’ is, and what make them different from Conservatives.

Without a doubt, Conservatives have their flaws, but I would happily err on the side of too much freedom, rather then too much Government. All we need in this country is for the Government to excuse itself from our lives, and we have shown in the past that we can create wonderful things. As freemen, we invented the Airplane, linked the continent with bands of iron, set a man on the Moon and created the internet. How then can people trade that birthright for one of servitude and privation? Freedom is one rare gem in human history, one that cannot be bought, but can be sold…

Saturday, October 5, 2013


It seems to me that with the economy in the state it’s in, and inflation poised to rocket upwards, the Federal Reserve should re-introduce the $1000.00 bill. For once in my lifetime, the Government could do something constructive and proactive about the economy.

Now I don’t want anyone to think that I endorse the government printing more ‘funny’ money, but ever since they pulled the U.S. off the Gold Standard, the Federal Reserve, has been playing fast and loose with our economy. While I wouldn’t normally care about the denomination of the bills, I seldom see $100.00 bills, but if they are going to inflate us to prosperity as seems likely, let’s get ahead of the curve and put some of these into circulation again.

Of course starting out with the thousand might be pushing things a little far, but I like Grover Cleveland more than William McKinley – how can you not, he’s named after a Muppet. I will concede though that it may make more sense to start small, issue McKinley on the $500.00 first and ease into this inflationary cycle.

Regardless of what the fat cats in the fed do though, the end remains the same for the rest of us; work, work, spend, work, work, spend… die. We appear to be locked in a rigged game, where no matter what you do, if you follow the rules, you lose.

Maybe that’s because they made the rules, maybe it’s time we changed the game…

Friday, October 4, 2013


Yesterday in Washington D.C. chaos reigned, when Capitol Police gunned down a 34-year-old woman. According to reports, this woman, identified as Ms. Miriam Carey, rammed a barricade at the White House. She then fled, leading Capitol Police on a ten-block car chase, which culminated near the Capitol building, and in her Death.

I find it interesting that she could ram a barricade, one similar I would imagine that destroyed a police cruiser, and not have a scratch on her Black Infiniti. Not one scratch, after causing a panic that put the United States Capitol on lockdown. What is more fascinating is that she was shot at seven time (in the video, I have no idea if she was shot at again later) and apparently not one bullet struck the car door. I wasn’t aware that the Capitol police were such crack shots, I guess that’s the reason they needed to purchase so much ammo.

Another curiosity about this incident is the speed in which dozens of officers from various divisions were able to converge on this incident. In the photos and video, not only are the uniformed Capitol Police involved, but undercover officers and SWAT. This wasn’t a drawn out hostage crisis, this entire incident was over within a few minutes.

I understand that the safety and security of our Nations Capitol would take precedence over our own, and would employ the finest and best trained, but really, this seems just a little to staged.

One final thing, the reports state Ms. Carey was suffering from Post-Partum Depression, and was hospitalized because of her depression. Making her number five on the list of “Dangerous Crazies” used as a distraction; Aurora, CO – James Holmes, Newton, Con – Adam Lanza, Washington D.C. (Navy Yard) Aaron Alexis, and Tucson AZ – Jared Loughner. It seems that every time this administration needs someone to grab a headline, there is someone with a history of Mental Health issues available.

I bet George Bush wishes he had thought of that…

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I felt compelled, with all of the arguing and fighting going on over the Government shutdown to ask a few questions, although I feel confident that there aren’t any legitimate answers available.

Regarding the “Great Government Shutdown of 2013”, How, or why do you shut down a national park, surely they take in plenty of money in use fees to pay the handful of people that would be necessary to operate it. For example, how many people do you need to run Mount Rushmore? I thought that it was a big statue, not much in the way of employment opportunities there. How about the Statue of Liberty, the last time I checked the ferry that takes you there charges a fee, and if I’m not mistaken, is a private operator. Even if I am wrong, I bet someone with a boat would be happy to make a buck taking tourists to see yet another big statue up close. How about Yosemite, are the Bears unionized? When I went there camping, the people running the campsite were part of a private company. Why, if it has to do with the Government budget, are we paying private contractors in our National Parks?

Why is it that prior to the Second World War we called the Military department ‘The War Department’, and after it ‘The Department of Defense’? Prior to the Second World War, the military consisted of State Militias (National Guard), and a small cadre of professional soldiers. The United States prior to the 1940’s would draw down the military after each crisis. Relying not on a huge military, but on a well trained and motivated core group to prepare for the next conflict, to protect only the National interests of the Country and (strangely enough) run the National Parks – which is why Park Rangers have the hat they do, it was part of a military uniform. Even with the up and down military strength, the pre-Defense Department managed to win every war in which they fought. Now, we have a Defense Department, a massive (and expensive) military and so far, they haven’t managed to provide a solid win since. Even the Gulf war is at a standstill, and regardless of how often we claim Victory, we still end up fighting in what appears to be an endless series of delaying tactics.

As a final question, if they are able to ‘furlough’ (approximately) 800,000 non-essential Government workers because of this “shutdown”, why do we need them in the first place? The Government has already told us they are non-essential, so… Fire them. I hate to sound heartless, but why should these non-essential workers keep their bloated salaries, and benefits, if we can do without them?

Maybe this shutdown is less about members of Congress and Mr. Obama failing to come to a compromise, and more about Mr. Obama attempting to punish the American people for having the gall to oppose him.

One final thought, I have heard that I should just accept the “Affordable Care Act" since it’s the ‘Law of the Land’, and the Supreme Court upheld it… Well I just can’t, any more than I could accept the concept of Slavery, which was also the ‘Law of the Land’ and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This afternoon, not 24 hours after the government shut down, parks, monuments, and government buildings are closed. I can understand the buildings closing, without staff, the buildings we paid for would be at the mercy of anyone that might want to cause them harm. But parks and monuments, really? What possible use is it to close off open-air venues, for that matter who thought they could keep American Citizens out?

Of course Americans being the way they are, a group of World War II veteran who had traveled to see and pay their respects at the World War II monument in Washington D.C., aren’t so easily dissuaded. Remember most of these folks are in their 80’s so this could conceivably be their last trip anywhere. Therefore, these Veterans of Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Normandy, and the Rhine, did what they were trained to do all those years ago…

Here we are again, being shown by our grand and great-grand parents what to do when facing a Dictator, never back down, and never attempt appeasement. Always push forward, take the struggle to them, make those that would enslave you fight for every inch.

I want to write more about these brave (and stubborn) warriors, but I think their actions speak louder than anything I can say except…

Thank you for your service may a benevolent God watch over you and yours.


As of this writing, the United States Government has been out of money for four hours, and in all that time, not one of the doom predictions from the left has come true. I know, I checked; the road in front of my house is still there, the lights of Las Vegas are still burning, no planes – that I know of – have fallen out of the sky, and judging by the sirens in the distance the police and fire department are still working.

So if the Government Shutdown is such a let down, why all the histrionics? Well, the short answer is power, but you knew that already didn’t you. If the Statist’s in Congress can’t terrorize the American people, how heck can they get us to submit to their intrusive regulations.

Oh, I know, all of the regulations provided for us by our wise and benevolent Masters are for our own good, or for the betterment of the poor and downtrodden. We being good little subjects should stop complaining when our “Dear Leader” spends our Great-Grandchildren’s money decades before they are born, of course that’s assuming that you have been ‘burdened’ with a child.
All of this rigmarole could have been prevented, all Mr. Obama and the Statist wing of the Congress had to do was compromise, something the Libertarian leaning side has been forced to do countless time in the past. However, compromise does not seem to be part of Mr. Obama’s character, a flaw that you might think would cause him a great deal of anguish as Chief Executive of the most powerful Republic on the Planet. Apparently, it doesn’t, not only that, his petulant attitude to disagreement make me wonder if the man elected to that office, is less a man, and more a little boy.

Mr. Obama has offered to negotiate with terrorists and despots, has bowed to foreign dignitaries, and – to add insult to injury – has determined that patriots who follow the Constitution, and request the Government do the same, are Anti-American terrorists bent on the destruction of the Republic. Such arrogance and self-delusion should disqualify him from the position of trust and power he fills.

Maybe this time the Conservative wing of the Congress will grow a spine, and keep the Government shut down. Folks will learn to “mend and make do” without the red tape and busy-bodieness, that has been the hallmark of Government ‘assistance’ for roughly 50 (Fifty) years...

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