Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yesterday the stock market closed up just under 65 points, New York reports that for the last week there were no murders, and the country of France is moving to the Right – politically (don’t get to excited, in Europe Fascists and Socialists are considered Right wing, while Communists are considered Left wing – They are all Statist).

I couldn’t understand all of this good news (unless you are French, I’ll get to that in a bit), we are at day fourteen of the Government Shutdown, and frankly I’m a bit disappointed. I was told to expect the Sky to fall, and the Earth to stop spinning by this time. Really, what are the Statist politicians doing with all of the largess we keep pouring into their trough, the least they could do would be to fulfill their promises and stop the system long enough so we could get used to the idea that life goes on without the government. Now though they seem to be cracking, well at least that is what they are telling the Media, and a “compromise” is in the works.

I wonder if the “compromise” they are so excited about will entail the Liberal Republicans (RINO) caving in to the demands of the Whitehouse, as they have in every “compromise” deal that I can remember. To the Left, a compromise is you giving in and doing what they want, not ‘you lose a little, and I lose a little’. So far from the Whitehouse, all we have heard is how the Tea party is delaying compromise, how Republicans are responsible for the shutdown. Well I think we all know that isn’t the case, Republicans in the House provided four compromises before October 1, all of them refused by the Whitehouse. The Whitehouse blames Congress for the closures of National Parks and Monuments, even though Congress doesn’t have that authority. All of the closures were ordered from the Executive Branch (the Whitehouse).

And yes, I understand that this is all just ‘business as usual’ for this administration, but I would like to believe that the American people could be a little more worked up about this…

Which brings me to the shift in French politics (where the populace riots for any reason); in Europe during a financial crisis or any crisis frankly, the populace tend to turn inward and begin solidifying Nationalist ideals. The fear of loss shows as a rise in Anti-Semitism and Anti-Immigration, as the population looks for someone to blame, never looking at the real cause of their troubles. The last time a European country shifted to the right, Hitler took power in Germany.

I don’t want anyone to think that the new French political movement is a return to NAZI Germany, but this is how they start, they begin gaining political power in the Suburbs and small communities then spread to the Cities. By then… well let us hope that it doesn’t come to that again.

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