Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I felt compelled, with all of the arguing and fighting going on over the Government shutdown to ask a few questions, although I feel confident that there aren’t any legitimate answers available.

Regarding the “Great Government Shutdown of 2013”, How, or why do you shut down a national park, surely they take in plenty of money in use fees to pay the handful of people that would be necessary to operate it. For example, how many people do you need to run Mount Rushmore? I thought that it was a big statue, not much in the way of employment opportunities there. How about the Statue of Liberty, the last time I checked the ferry that takes you there charges a fee, and if I’m not mistaken, is a private operator. Even if I am wrong, I bet someone with a boat would be happy to make a buck taking tourists to see yet another big statue up close. How about Yosemite, are the Bears unionized? When I went there camping, the people running the campsite were part of a private company. Why, if it has to do with the Government budget, are we paying private contractors in our National Parks?

Why is it that prior to the Second World War we called the Military department ‘The War Department’, and after it ‘The Department of Defense’? Prior to the Second World War, the military consisted of State Militias (National Guard), and a small cadre of professional soldiers. The United States prior to the 1940’s would draw down the military after each crisis. Relying not on a huge military, but on a well trained and motivated core group to prepare for the next conflict, to protect only the National interests of the Country and (strangely enough) run the National Parks – which is why Park Rangers have the hat they do, it was part of a military uniform. Even with the up and down military strength, the pre-Defense Department managed to win every war in which they fought. Now, we have a Defense Department, a massive (and expensive) military and so far, they haven’t managed to provide a solid win since. Even the Gulf war is at a standstill, and regardless of how often we claim Victory, we still end up fighting in what appears to be an endless series of delaying tactics.

As a final question, if they are able to ‘furlough’ (approximately) 800,000 non-essential Government workers because of this “shutdown”, why do we need them in the first place? The Government has already told us they are non-essential, so… Fire them. I hate to sound heartless, but why should these non-essential workers keep their bloated salaries, and benefits, if we can do without them?

Maybe this shutdown is less about members of Congress and Mr. Obama failing to come to a compromise, and more about Mr. Obama attempting to punish the American people for having the gall to oppose him.

One final thought, I have heard that I should just accept the “Affordable Care Act" since it’s the ‘Law of the Land’, and the Supreme Court upheld it… Well I just can’t, any more than I could accept the concept of Slavery, which was also the ‘Law of the Land’ and upheld by the Supreme Court.

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