Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I just spent twelve minutes listening to a rant that I agreed with, but while listening I began to wonder if the biggest problem we are facing is not the Statists, but ourselves. I agreed with what the narrator was saying, but I found my attention wandering.

If I agreed with the sentiment, but couldn’t focus on the message, what hope do we have of convincing those that don’t agree with us? How do we ‘win the hearts and minds’ of the rest of the populace? How do we reset the American Cultural Mindset?

Once we sent American Culture abroad, showing the world the best of us. Somewhere in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s something changed, we began exporting stories not about American Exceptionalism, but about how we had, or would, or could fail. The movies “Patton” and “Kelly’s Heroes” both debuted in 1970 and both were set during the second world war, but in terms of message they may as well been written in different Countries on different Continents during different times. One shows American Greatness through the eyes of a hero defeating the greatest scourge of human history, the other, while a favorite of mine, shows the fallibility of American Soldiers motivated only by greed. Something Statists promote at every turn. Recently (for me anyway) the movie “Three Kings” reinforces, for a new generation, the theme that Americans are motivated only by Greed, not honor or integrity.

How then can we, without fighting for our Culture, change the direction our country is headed? We’ve sat passively on our couches and in Movie theaters year after year allowing them to anesthetize friends, our Families, co-workers and us. We have become willing participants in numbing not only our own minds, but also everyone we distract from reality around the water cooler with recaps and play-by-play recitations of last nights propaganda. The Statist tactic is sound, begin to bend the young to your will in the schools, reinforce the message with the mass media, and punish those that speak out… and if you have done you work well they will ostracize and punish their peers without your assistance (Tea-baggers, home-grown terrorists, extremists, RACISTS).

Now, perhaps its too late, maybe we can’t rescue the United States before the Republic becomes just a Republic in name like any other ‘Peoples Republic’ - of the Party, for the Party. I shudder to think that it is too late to change course because the alternative is too horrific to imagine. America suffered a Civil War already; a Second round is not preferable…

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