Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


There I said it… with the capitulation of the House; congress has at last abrogated their final, remaining tool. The ‘Power of the Purse’ was the last reason for the House, and now they have revealed to the world that Congress is no more than a rubber stamp for a petty and arrogant Dictator.

 The reprehensible actions of the Left; closing parks, monuments and memorials while spending our money frivolously for Vacations and Golf outings only serves to illuminate how far out of sorts is our Country.

From this day forward Mr. Obama can demand, and expect, unwavering obedience from our Representatives. This is not how this Country was founded, and for good reason. As a single branch of the Government collects more power, the less stable the Government becomes. Power amassed in House of Representatives becomes ‘Mob Rule’, as simple majorities decide the future and fate of the country and no rule restraining the Majority is created or enforced, and all laws contain, and control the Minority forcing them into an ever lower strata in society. Collected power in the Senate creates an Oligarchy, where only the elite rule and the rest of the society are left with the scraps (France before the Revolution is a grand example of both those scenarios.

However, we are entering into possibly the worst of all, a Dictatorship. The collection of power in the executive branch, with no restraints leads to madness, bloodshed and War.

Hitler believed in his heart, that what he did was for the good of Germany. That what he accomplished was purely evil is self evident, but Hitler did not believe he was committing atrocities. What Mr. Obama is doing with the thousands of pages of ACA is not in itself evil, but like rise of the National Socialists, the end result is unpredictable.

What we have, as a free people is a government that was designed to run poorly, Laws should be difficult to pass and should always cover all of the Citizens, not Just those that can afford to buy Justice…

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