Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Mr. Obama, the current (P)resident in the White House seems to live for firsts. During his tenure, he is the first African-American (though some would argue the American part, I won’t quibble in this post) to hold the office. He is the first to preside over a reduction in the United States credit rating, from AAA to AA+ (Outstanding to Excellent). He is (so far as I can find) the first to refuse to negotiate with the Congress on a budget, thought to lay that at his doorstep is probably unfair, since he is also the first to fail to pass a budget for an entire term. Moreover, if nothing changes, he will be the first to preside over a default.

Even in the darkest days of the Great Depression, the United States has always found a way to pay its debts, but with the petulant children in control of the Government today, that may end. Our elected officials appear to be more concerned with spending money they don’t have, than with what is actually good for the Country that they are supposed to represent. In your household, like mine, when you run out of money, you can borrow a limited amount. You are not able to raise your borrowing limit arbitrarily, that is a decision made by your lender based on your credit worthiness. What has happened though is that we, the American People, have allowed spendthrifts the keys to the vault and unlimited access to the checkbook. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Other people have written about how we need to impeach the President, recall various and sundry Congress-critters, or worse, simply learn to live with the ‘new’ normal.

I, could never content myself with living in the ‘new’ normal, America is, was, and will always be the last best hope for humanity. We are the Country that oppressed people flee to, not from, and anything that endangers that reputation I will oppose with all my heart.

Therefore, in order to impeach a sitting chief executive, the House of Representatives must pass an order of Impeachment, and then the Senate must agree to the impeachment. I think that is, at best, a long shot at this point. Our Congress would argue for a week on what to have for lunch, let’s not assume any of them would have the personal fortitude to lead that charge. Therefore, impeachment is off the table.

Of the three options we are allowed to discuss, we are left with recalling Congress. I think this option is the least likely since removing 535 people individually is unlikely, there has been some movement in this direction, but to little too late. The worst part is that the ones removed are at best only slightly better than the reprobates they have replaced. What could be even worse is if, we could remove the entire Congress in one sweep, what prevents the Executive branch from simply refusing to seat a new one. Mr. Obama has lamented, “He is not a Dictator”, without a Congress, what would stand in the way of him becoming one. For that matter, what is the Congress doing now that essentially curtails his imperial ambitions. Through Executive Orders and public tantrums, he has bullied and forced congress to abrogate much of its duties to the Executive branch.

So maybe he will have one more first to brag about when he is crowned Barack the First…

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