Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


As of this writing, the United States Government has been out of money for four hours, and in all that time, not one of the doom predictions from the left has come true. I know, I checked; the road in front of my house is still there, the lights of Las Vegas are still burning, no planes – that I know of – have fallen out of the sky, and judging by the sirens in the distance the police and fire department are still working.

So if the Government Shutdown is such a let down, why all the histrionics? Well, the short answer is power, but you knew that already didn’t you. If the Statist’s in Congress can’t terrorize the American people, how heck can they get us to submit to their intrusive regulations.

Oh, I know, all of the regulations provided for us by our wise and benevolent Masters are for our own good, or for the betterment of the poor and downtrodden. We being good little subjects should stop complaining when our “Dear Leader” spends our Great-Grandchildren’s money decades before they are born, of course that’s assuming that you have been ‘burdened’ with a child.
All of this rigmarole could have been prevented, all Mr. Obama and the Statist wing of the Congress had to do was compromise, something the Libertarian leaning side has been forced to do countless time in the past. However, compromise does not seem to be part of Mr. Obama’s character, a flaw that you might think would cause him a great deal of anguish as Chief Executive of the most powerful Republic on the Planet. Apparently, it doesn’t, not only that, his petulant attitude to disagreement make me wonder if the man elected to that office, is less a man, and more a little boy.

Mr. Obama has offered to negotiate with terrorists and despots, has bowed to foreign dignitaries, and – to add insult to injury – has determined that patriots who follow the Constitution, and request the Government do the same, are Anti-American terrorists bent on the destruction of the Republic. Such arrogance and self-delusion should disqualify him from the position of trust and power he fills.

Maybe this time the Conservative wing of the Congress will grow a spine, and keep the Government shut down. Folks will learn to “mend and make do” without the red tape and busy-bodieness, that has been the hallmark of Government ‘assistance’ for roughly 50 (Fifty) years...

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