Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Friday, October 11, 2013


During this latest spate of shutdowns, I started thinking of truly non-essential government agencies, strictly in a non-partisan way of course, though perhaps I am biased. Anyway, here is my list and my reason for inclusion: 

The TSATSA is a boondoggle, if Airlines are concerned with safety, and I see no reason why they wouldn’t be, they could pay for Security. El Al, the National Airline of Israel has handled their own security for years, why can’t American Airlines or Southwest. The upshot is the taxpayers no longer have to pay for a security system that they don’t all use, and the airlines can compete with each other regarding passenger safety. El Al for example is justifiably proud that they have not suffered a successful hijacking since starting their program. If you were concerned about safety, would that not be a selling point? It allows the marketplace to determine how much risk a traveler is willing to accept, without the Government supplying a demeaning and often inconvenient process. 

Next on the list would be the National Park Service, good-bye Ranger Smith, under my plan, States would have control of the Parks within their borders and they would be overseen by the United States Army Corp of Engineers. The Engineers built the original Parks system in the first place and it has survived for more than one hundred years. The funds necessary for upkeep could just as easily go to the States (they would come from use fees just like now) rather than the inefficient Federal Government. 

After the Parks would go the Department of Education, the Department of Education historically asks for budget increases every year, and every year the Federal Government provides more taxpayer funds “for the Children”. Yet every year our children get less education but more indoctrination. Prior to 1979, each state had its own education department and was able to adjust its programs and funding as it saw fit. Ironically though, the Federal Cabinet position did not replace the States Agencies, it simply added one more layer of Bureaucracy to an already bloated Government and kept the State offices as well. So now, instead of having an agile State agency that can alter course in midstream if things aren’t going well, we get a second layer of bureaucratic bloat to slow progress and ensure failure. 

With just these three Departments cut, the Federal Government could save billions of dollars, or since Government has never shown a propensity to save or wisely invest a windfall, maybe cut some of the foreign debt that is accumulating daily in this country.

Regardless though, something has to give, the all-powerful state cannot continue to exist; it will inevitably collapse under its own weight.

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