Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Several days ago I wrote a post were I lamented Mr. Obama’s firsts, and alluded to his possible Royal ambitions. I may have been too harsh… 

In Feudal times, the King surrounded himself with courtiers and sycophants, other members of the peerage emulated the royal manners in their own little fiefdoms. The peasants toiling in the fields were expected to bow to any and sundry members of the ruling elite and the rules of etiquette ensured that everyone knew their place in the feudal system.

At the bottom the vilest villein, knew his lord, and accepted his lot with grace, knowing full well that any class mobility was a futile dream. The Lords of the Manor accepted their due, as was their right, even if it meant hardship and privation in the villages and shires. The Manor was the highest form of governance any of the peasants could hope to appeal; the local Lord, who held the power of life and death, their word LAW, judged all matters.

The local Lords, beholden to the King, collected their land taxes and ensured they filled the royal coffers. Further, in times of strife or warfare the local Lords made up the bulk of the Kings army, pulling in their own retainers as well as the peasants from the fields to serve.

All of this would paint a bleak picture of a Medieval Monarch except, each King understood where his power lay, and how many of his peasants could safely be fed to the fray before the Kingdom ground to a halt. I fear that Mr. Obama does not.

While he surrounds himself with courtiers and sycophants, and has even gone so far as to encourage Royal behavior in his Family and others member of the new peerage, a position that even carries similar court etiquette. What he has failed to do is respect the power in the peasant class. No, Mr. Obama acts more like a Socialist Dictator than like a Monarch ever did. Louis XVI knew what could happen if he isolated himself from the peasants, he did nothing to prevent it, but the French Revolution could not have surprised him.

By his actions in ignoring the compromises offered by the House Mr. Obama holds full responsibility for the partial Government shutdown. He is acting less like a Chief executive, or even a Monarch for that matter, and more like a Despot. He demands unconditional surrender from his political rivals and blind obedience from the peasantry.

Perhaps that is why he has such a difficult time understanding the protest marches outside of the Whitehouse, or the Nation-wide Tea party rallies across the Nation.

I can only hope that he learns to hear the Chants of the dispossessed before, like Louis he awakes to a Revolution not of his making and an end not of his choosing…

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