Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Monday, November 4, 2013


I want to believe that my “tinfoil hat” isn’t screwed on so tight that it is cutting the oxygen off from my brain, but some things really get me thinking, “How stupid are we supposed to be anyhow?”

I could suspend my disbelief to a point, but this video shows the same woman at three mass shootings. Either she is the most unlucky woman in the history of ever, she is an accomplice or handler for the Shooters, or (and most likely I think) she is a plant, in a drama designed to make us clamor for more protection from the very Government that staged the incident in the first place.

So in this video, the guy is concerned about the placement of the glass during the Boston Marathon bombing, I wasn’t there, all I have to go on is what has been released. Having said that, I would question a few more things, I noted in the video, namely; if a device filled with explosives and shrapnel is was powerful enough to amputate limbs, why are the streetlights undamaged? The lights shown are not particularly high above the blast area. Certainly, they would have been close enough to suffer damage from several pounds of explosive planted near their base. Further, he barely touches on what I consider far more important… Why is the glass outside the window? The device was on the street outside the shop, the blast would have sent the window into the building, not out of it.

All of this conspiracy stuff makes me wonder why we (as a collective) watch the news anymore. If even some of the conspiracies are true, can we trust the news media to provide honest reporting, or will all of the honest reporters simply be pilloried by their peers as crackpots?

All of this brings me to the LAX shooter, and some of the questions that came to mind in the opening minutes of that tragedy. Number one, how did an apparently unemployed young man find the money, let alone the connections to purchase the rifle used in this incident? An AR-15 (the weapon reported) costs over $1000.00, the ammo (again reported) .223 cal. is hard to find, and expensive, yet Mr. Ciancia had hundreds of rounds in his bag. Number two, how did he get as far into the airport as he did without someone calling the authorities?

I find it amazing that this angry young man armed with an “assault weapon” and hundreds of round of ammunition only killed one person in a rampage that allegedly went on for hours. This inactive - active shooter only managed one kill, and two wounded. Yet, he strolled through a busy airport terminal, which normally would boast dozens, if not hundreds of TSA agents, and couldn’t find a target. In addition, he brought along “materials expressing anti-government sentiment” so there would be no question of his motivation apparently. Somehow, this all seems to set, to easy… to much like a training exercise and less like a nut with a gun.

If I were to put on my “nutter” hat, and place myself in the alleged shooters position, planning a rampage against TSA targets specifically this is not the way I would plan it. First the choice of weapon is ridiculous, a carbine, or any long rifle is slow. A pistol is much more useful in a building; it is smaller lighter and can pack more power for its size than you would need in the confined spaces of an airport.  A rifle is used for medium to long-range shots, it has little use inside buildings except to play to the cameras and the Government meme of “big, bad guns”. Regarding his “Anti-Government Materials” why would you weigh yourself down with extraneous paper, it would only get in the way when reloading. Again, it only makes sense if you are playing to an audience. So maybe that was his entire motivation, maybe he wanted to be famous, maybe he wanted to discredit the anti-government types or give the government a reason to ban all long guns and arm the TSA (I see that coming down the pike soon – TSA Armed response). What I don’t see is a properly thought out plan, and since he was lucid enough during the commission of this act to ask at least one witness “TSA?” and walk away, he knew what he was doing.

In the end, he will be identified as another Statist nut, mad at the NWO, the Bilderburgers, the Freemasons or whom ever the state run media needs him to be to advance the narrative. We will gain more restriction on our liberties, the Government will enforce ever more-Draconian laws and push us one-step closer to Winston Smith’s 1984.

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