Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Monday, March 17, 2014


As the War on Terror appears to be winding down, the Military Industrial Complex we were warned about has found, or manufactured, yet another boogieman for the world to turn its attention to.

In a move strangely reminiscent of the Anschluss in 1938, Vladimir Putin is producing a remarkable restaging of the years leading up to the Second World War, casting himself in the "(Anti-) Hero" role.

An interesting thought though; perhaps what is happening is History rewinding itself. Throughout the Twentieth Century, a wave of progressive-socialism has overtaken countries. In some like Germany and Italy, it was a bloody coup overthrowing the more conservative government forces, in other places like France and England it was a reactionary adjustment to the chaos of the time by imposing more and stricter Government controls on the people. In every case though, the Government forces ripped personal freedoms from the people "for their own good".

Perhaps, what we are seeing is a "Historic Backlash" like a rubber band pulled taught, History is snapping back to a time before the Progressive-Socialists seized power. The negative side to this is that the Twentieth Century was arguably one of the deadliest and most destructive times in human history. On the plus side it would mean a more free and independent future, at least until the mind control forces of Socialism attempt to regulate our freedoms away again.

What I hope is that this Science Fiction Rewind doesn't happen. I would hate to live through the cold war again, I'm sure my parents generation would rather pass on a retelling of Vietnam and Korea, and I have no doubt that the survivors of the World Wars could happily do without that horror show again. This time let us learn from History, appeasement does not work.

Never in History has a bully stopped their abusive behavior due to the wagged fingers of the people they were abusing. Thugs understand only power, the power they wield, and the power used against them. Hitler would not have stopped, had the Allied Nations not forced him to. Napoleon would have happily marched across the length and breadth of Europe and into Russia, but for Waterloo and the thousands that gave their lives both before and after. We attempted a bargain with the Devil in 1938, when Neville Chamberlain declared "Peace for our time" after meeting with Hitler and getting his solemn promise that he would not invade anyone. Little did Chamberlain know, at the time that Hitler's promise was only as strong as the Army that stood against him.

Let us try not to make the same stupid mistake this time with Putin...

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Americans have fiercely defended the promise of freedom for centuries. We fought our Revolution to gain our freedom, the Civil war to retain our freedom and recently (although controversially) to ensure others are allowed their freedom. However, since just before my lifetime, we have begun to remove some of our own basic freedoms.

Recently, was the case of Bakers that refused to produce wedding cakes for Gay couples because it violated their Christian beliefs. When did a person's belief and right to refuse service become the Governments business? Well, it looks to me that the erosion of freedom started, as is often the case, with the best of intentions, and has simply grown to encompass personal choices. When Rosa Parks sat on that bus all those years ago, she had every right to expect to keep her seat; she was on a public, city bus. If on the other hand she had been in a gypsy cab, a privately owned conveyance, the driver would have been well within his right to refuse to transport her, not after she paid her fare, but before. What was supposed to ensure equality in the public sector has now moved into the private sector where it has no right to exist.

I work for a major multinational corporation, a private company that has decided that they would not discriminate in any of their practices. My company believes that all people are equal, not because it is a moral thing to do, but because it makes the best financial sense. No law or regulation could work more effectively to remove barriers than the bottom line for a corporation dedicated to making a profit for its shareholders.

For the Government to force compliance of equality laws meant to provide access to public services on private business removes the private freedom to succeed or fail. My company could not long compete by discriminating against even one small minority, regardless of how minute their market share is. Any law that forces private citizens to operate against their own self-interest is, in my opinion a bad law and should be removed or at the very least ignored. By forcing association, these laws breed resentment, resentment that would have naturally dissipated as companies that continued to discriminate are forced out of the marketplace by free competition.

What we have now though does not dissipate resentment, but actively breeds it. When a person or entity forces a free individual to provide a service that they feel is against their interest they will resent the person, or entity forcing the action, an action that is now little more than slavery regardless of how well or poorly compensated.

What would allow maximum freedom would be a free market, if you choose not to accept my business, I will simply do without your product, or find another provider. Nothing is so rare or precious that it should require the force of the State to ensure your right to a product or service forcibly compelled from another person. At best, all the State can compel is obedience it cannot compel competence. What you will receive will be shoddy and second rate.

I would rather provide my money to an incompetent pretender joyfully providing their best work, than to a skilled artisan providing minimum effort to comply with the Governments edict.

Of course, as always, the choice is yours...

Friday, January 31, 2014


Once in America we were free. In the nineteenth century, it may not have looked like freedom, but it was. Every picture of grinding poverty and over-crowded tenements, every starving child and abused woman is a portrait of freedom. During the 1800s America was the freest country on earth that is why people from every country in the world came here. When you see the pictures of the poor and downtrodden realize that they are there by choice. In some cases, they didn’t know they had a choice, but the choice existed even so.

When our ancestors left their homes in Europe, and Asia, and Africa and all the other places immigrants came to America, they did not come to live lives worse than those they left. Few who came though, were ready for what they encountered when they arrived. How could Chinese peasants fresh off the boat articulate what they desired, they had never experienced freedom, they had never lived anywhere where they weren’t property. The Irish in New York, with a desire to be their own masters still carried the burden of the Manor with them, how can you chose freedom without knowing it is an option. On those unlucky few the unscrupulous preyed, pushing them into jobs that barely allowed them food, providing loans at unsustainable rates to force them back into the poverty they had left, crowding them into filthy, dank slums, fit only for the rats and Cholera.

But some, the rebels and misfits, those unsavory types that never fit there in the posh and pampered cities of the old world, for them America was wonderland. When the boats landed on the shores of America a vast majority of the immigrants sunk back to the level they thought they were leaving behind, never realizing that they carried their poverty with them. They were not poor for lack; no, they were poor in spirit. They would survive in the gutter like rats, always hoping someone would come to lift them out, to give them a place in the sun. Generations later, some of those very immigrants are still there, and now they have found people to prop them up, but for them and the generations before them America will never be the beacon it was to the misfit.

The misfits, they drove across this country taming land that ran wild, and they died by the score littering the prairies with their artifacts and bones. Nevertheless, more followed, more escaped the stifling cities and poisoned air of the old World to breathe free, to live, to die, to succeed, or fail. Nothing has ever called so strongly to the human spirit than Freedom. Now years later we must again decide what calls to us, do we wait mewling in the gutter for scraps thrown to us by our betters, or do we stand and take what is rightfully ours as Americans, as the children of those misfit immigrants, who didn’t, who couldn’t fit in the mold that their society constrained them to.

The choice as always is yours; the future won’t wait…


Just connected to a new Friend today at The Conservative Constitutional Crusade, and it dawned on me that the way we are going to take back the United States is not as single snipers, but as a unified front. In the 1960's the left started the Revolution, and they pushed it through the Social media of the day - College Campuses. Through that humble start they took over the colleges they started in, have infiltrated the Mainstream Media Machine, and pushed out any conservatives that dared to stand against them.

Now we are engaged in a new battle for the hearts and minds of the American People, we have come late to the game on New Media, so now we must make a stand. Now we have to help each other out. I encourage all of you to not only like posts and pages from other Conservatives, but actively promote their messages. If we can connect all of our pages, all of our friend lists, we stop being the lone voice in the wilderness and become the proud American Revolutionary Army our fore-fathers will recognize.

I will, as often as I can, send invites to each of you for various pages here on Facebook, and else-where on the web. I promise not to overwhelm you with my entire list. All I ask is that you either follow them or ignore my request as you see fit, and that I will promise to follow or ignore your requests as well.

Monday, January 20, 2014


The other day I became aware that the British released a film that has moldered in a vault for nearly 70 years. This film should have been shown then, it should be shown to everyone now. It is graphic, though not as bad a some movies put out by Hollywood, what makes this poignant is not that it happened, that just makes it evil, but that we are on a similar path...

Everyone should take the an hour out of their busy schedule to watch this, share THIS link, ignore the rest of my posts, but this one is important... NEVER AGAIN.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Once more, the old guy radio station sends my brain into an entirely different direction than where I’m sure the songwriter was thinking…

I remember the last Presidential election, and the alleged Republican “War on Women”, there were no facts to back up the entire fabric of lies and innuendo regarding this alleged war. In fact, every time the Conservative wing attempted to disprove the psychotic ramblings of the Statists they used shouts of “Racist”, “Homophobe”, and “Warmonger” to silence the rebuttal, regardless of the fact that none of the ad hominem attacks had the least bit to do with the alleged “War on Women” being waged by the right. What I found most amusing about the entire episode was the blind eye turned toward the nearly seventy plus year war on the American Male.

In my lifetime, Young Males of the species have endured the vagaries of a culture that is apparently ashamed of them. The 1960s presented a fa├žade of manhood that was on the one hand “Macho” enough to live alone in the Wilderness, yet on the other, was sensitive enough to write sonnets, and weep openly at the sight of a rosebud. The 1970s went even further into the soft and feminine male, but now Women expected Men to be at one with the land, to look at Women, not as just our equal, but somehow inextricably linked to Gaea, the Earth Mother. By the 1980s, the Macho/Sensitive Man was back but this time he shared the Mullet hairstyle with his Woman. Once Man reached the 1990s he was dressed in pastel colors, had turned the collar up on his polo shirt, and was back to crying in public.

In the Media, Men moved from “Father Knows Best” where Dad was seldom wrong, to “Gidget” where Dad seldom knew what was happening. By 1970, Dad was out of the scene completely with “The Partridge Family”, and his reappearance in the 1980 and 90s in the form of Al Bundy and Homer Simpson moved Dad from Leader of the Home to affable clown, so far out of touch that the children were controlling the home with the willing assistance of Mom.

Now they berate Men for being men, if they are secure in their manhood and do not approve of “alternative” lifestyles they are called Homophobic or Sexist. If they choose to remain a ‘traditional’ man, they consider them “Cavemen” not fit to be around in polite company…

But, take heart young men, if you can withstand the whims of fashion, and the emasculation foisted on you by a relentless media, you will find that Women are beginning to turn away from Feminine Men, and are looking once again for Men to be strong partners and Fathers for their children. You just have to outlast the fad, and maybe that is what being a Man is about, standing for what you are, regardless of what others would make of you.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Well like it or not, election time is here again, and this time we have a major challenge. If you have been reading this blog for awhile or if you are brand new (welcome if you are) by now you know that I have very strong opinions regarding politics, religion, and all those other things they say you aren’t supposed to discus. I say to heck with ‘em if they don’t want to talk about things like rational people they can go stick their heads back in the sand and let the grown up handle the big issues. This brings us to the nights rant…

Politically I am an Anarchist, which is not, and I would like to stress this, NOT one of those idiotic children you see on the nightly news throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails into shop windows. For the most part those kids are far to involved in “the Big State” to last more than a few seconds as an Anarchist. What real Anarchy is about is voluntary cooperation not the force involved in big government. What does that have to do with election season you might ask, well nothing particularly, but I wanted to make sure I had full disclosure before I got into the meat of this…

If you are a Conservative, and I hope if you’re reading this you are, or at least open minded to the idea of self governance, you know that the only chance this country has of getting back on the right track is to begin to dismantle the Giant grasping Government monster before it completely enslaves us all. That is a desire that Conservatives, Libertarians and Anarchists, and even Individual Sovereignists share. What we seem to have a problem with is time frame. For the serious Anarchists and Individual Sovereignists an end to the coercive power of the state cannot come too soon. Unfortunately, this monstrous liberty-devouring beast did not grow up overnight; it is the product of one hundred years of carefully planned incremental steps, each of which has removed slowly, patiently not only your liberty, but also your very idea of freedom.

No one will convince Senior Citizen tea-partiers that the Social Security that they’ve paid into for their entire working lives, is a Socialist trap designed to sap your self-sufficiency and make you dependent on the Nanny state. You can show them that the very trustees they placed in control raided the Social Security “lock box”. Raided it for the comforts they enjoyed when they were young, and who now steal the productivity of their Children and soon their Grandchildren, to pay for their mismanagement. All of us are sold the benefits of the Great Government beast, but few learn how dangerous it is. That lesson will take years to teach; years we do not have available to us to fight amongst ourselves. Now it is time for all lovers of Liberty to put aside their petty grievances. Now we must take a page from John Lennon and “Come Together” either that or we must resign ourselves to a slave’s future.

What is worse is that after a hundred years of training us to wear a slave’s collar will we even recognize when they fasten the last link. 

Friday, January 17, 2014


             This evening I was watching TV with the wife, and a quote caught my eye; “eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.” That got me thinking about an old saw I’ve heard for years; “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”, and what a stupid saying that was.

            Not once in my entire life have I ever heard that mealy-mouthed platitude come from the victim of violence, not once. Where I’ve heard it spoken like a liturgy during a mass is from people who 1) have never been victimized, 2) are employed in victimizing the victims (i.e. defense attorneys) 3) people attempting to assuage their own conscience after victimizing someone else. What ties every one of these individuals together is their belief that justice can somehow be meted out without consequence.

For every murderer there is a bleeding heart somewhere that will try to convince you that the criminal is not at fault, that somehow society has failed that poor soul and that “they didn’t know any better because mommy didn’t hold them enough.” Horse feathers! What they are attempting to do, is remove the retribution and pain that comes with redemption. Any one that grew up learning discipline and respect knows that killing is wrong. Ask any child on any playground in America, and I would bet you wouldn’t find many that didn’t know that killing was wrong. Anyone that tries to tell you that the death penalty does not reduce recidivism for violent crime is lying. The death penalty guarantees a zero recidivism rate.

What tends to reduce the effectiveness of the death penalty is its limited use, when enforced it is secreted away, performed in the dark of night away from prying eyes.

Hiding away the dark and ugly side of criminal behavior only serves to glamorize that life, showing criminals only when they are strong, and not when they are the mewling cowards they are in reality will only continue to create more and uglier criminals.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Since I’m busily slaving away on a book length project, and don’t have time to opine here I wanted to get some feedback from the folks that read my blog.


You see, once I’m done with “Notes from the Bunker” I want to move on smartly to the next project and I thought I’d ask you all what you are interested in (within some boundaries…).


I have other story ideas that I would like to explore and well, I can’t decide which I like the most. Therefore, I have a small selection of ideas I’ve been knocking around. Let me know what you like (and why if the mood suits you).


  1. Zombies seem all the rage lately and I thought it would be interesting to look at them from a fundamental Christian perspective. A type of ‘Armageddon, Rapture, and Resurrection’ mix and match instead of the standard meteor from space or rogue bio-lab experiment gone wrong.

  1. For the more ‘Sword and Sorcery’ types, I’ve been playing around with a barbarian that unlike Robert Howard’s ‘Conan’, uses brains over brawn, winning his fights in a more cerebral way.

  1. Every person I’ve met would probably agree that if they could change ‘just one thing’ their lives would be so much better. In this novel, we follow someone who can do just that, and how his life (or lives) really turns out.

  1. What if you could travel through time? What if you didn’t have conscious control of the trip, the era, the duration, the location? What would that look like? How would you handle the trips or the return to the present? Most interestingly, could you tell anyone, and how would you explain if you could?

  1. Pharmacology is understood for Humans and Veterinary medicine. We know that medications are invading our water supply. What happens when an effective medication pushes ocean dweller into Human level sentience? How would they react to us? How do we react to them? Could you continue to eat Tuna Sandwiches?

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by domed cities, and especially the self-contained cities of William Nolan and George Johnson’s ‘Logan’s Run’ and Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. My fascination though was a more behind the scenes and what-if type. For example, what is life like outside the domes? What happens to any cultures or civilizations that arise outside separated from the internal culture or civilization? Could, after generations, the two even communicate?

  1. How about a thriller based around a normal person (with an unusual profession) who witness’ something he probably shouldn’t? How would someone without Super Spy gadgets, money and support outwit, evade or out fight the Baddies trying to silence him?

There are your choices, not an exhaustive list to be sure, but a good start. If you don’t like any of them toss out an idea, you like… Maybe it will strike my fancy and you’ll get the story that has been nagging you and collaborator credit.

Until Next Time…


Thursday, January 9, 2014


For all of you that have been patiently waiting for my next post, I have been attempting a much bigger project, at least for me.

After reading Machiavelli, and Reagans diaries I've determined that I should try to pass on some of the knowledge that I have been hording in my head. To that end I have started work on a series regarding Preparedness that I hope you will all enjoy, and that I can turn into a real book in the future.

Again thank you all for you patience and continued support.


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