Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Well like it or not, election time is here again, and this time we have a major challenge. If you have been reading this blog for awhile or if you are brand new (welcome if you are) by now you know that I have very strong opinions regarding politics, religion, and all those other things they say you aren’t supposed to discus. I say to heck with ‘em if they don’t want to talk about things like rational people they can go stick their heads back in the sand and let the grown up handle the big issues. This brings us to the nights rant…

Politically I am an Anarchist, which is not, and I would like to stress this, NOT one of those idiotic children you see on the nightly news throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails into shop windows. For the most part those kids are far to involved in “the Big State” to last more than a few seconds as an Anarchist. What real Anarchy is about is voluntary cooperation not the force involved in big government. What does that have to do with election season you might ask, well nothing particularly, but I wanted to make sure I had full disclosure before I got into the meat of this…

If you are a Conservative, and I hope if you’re reading this you are, or at least open minded to the idea of self governance, you know that the only chance this country has of getting back on the right track is to begin to dismantle the Giant grasping Government monster before it completely enslaves us all. That is a desire that Conservatives, Libertarians and Anarchists, and even Individual Sovereignists share. What we seem to have a problem with is time frame. For the serious Anarchists and Individual Sovereignists an end to the coercive power of the state cannot come too soon. Unfortunately, this monstrous liberty-devouring beast did not grow up overnight; it is the product of one hundred years of carefully planned incremental steps, each of which has removed slowly, patiently not only your liberty, but also your very idea of freedom.

No one will convince Senior Citizen tea-partiers that the Social Security that they’ve paid into for their entire working lives, is a Socialist trap designed to sap your self-sufficiency and make you dependent on the Nanny state. You can show them that the very trustees they placed in control raided the Social Security “lock box”. Raided it for the comforts they enjoyed when they were young, and who now steal the productivity of their Children and soon their Grandchildren, to pay for their mismanagement. All of us are sold the benefits of the Great Government beast, but few learn how dangerous it is. That lesson will take years to teach; years we do not have available to us to fight amongst ourselves. Now it is time for all lovers of Liberty to put aside their petty grievances. Now we must take a page from John Lennon and “Come Together” either that or we must resign ourselves to a slave’s future.

What is worse is that after a hundred years of training us to wear a slave’s collar will we even recognize when they fasten the last link. 

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