Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Once more, the old guy radio station sends my brain into an entirely different direction than where I’m sure the songwriter was thinking…

I remember the last Presidential election, and the alleged Republican “War on Women”, there were no facts to back up the entire fabric of lies and innuendo regarding this alleged war. In fact, every time the Conservative wing attempted to disprove the psychotic ramblings of the Statists they used shouts of “Racist”, “Homophobe”, and “Warmonger” to silence the rebuttal, regardless of the fact that none of the ad hominem attacks had the least bit to do with the alleged “War on Women” being waged by the right. What I found most amusing about the entire episode was the blind eye turned toward the nearly seventy plus year war on the American Male.

In my lifetime, Young Males of the species have endured the vagaries of a culture that is apparently ashamed of them. The 1960s presented a façade of manhood that was on the one hand “Macho” enough to live alone in the Wilderness, yet on the other, was sensitive enough to write sonnets, and weep openly at the sight of a rosebud. The 1970s went even further into the soft and feminine male, but now Women expected Men to be at one with the land, to look at Women, not as just our equal, but somehow inextricably linked to Gaea, the Earth Mother. By the 1980s, the Macho/Sensitive Man was back but this time he shared the Mullet hairstyle with his Woman. Once Man reached the 1990s he was dressed in pastel colors, had turned the collar up on his polo shirt, and was back to crying in public.

In the Media, Men moved from “Father Knows Best” where Dad was seldom wrong, to “Gidget” where Dad seldom knew what was happening. By 1970, Dad was out of the scene completely with “The Partridge Family”, and his reappearance in the 1980 and 90s in the form of Al Bundy and Homer Simpson moved Dad from Leader of the Home to affable clown, so far out of touch that the children were controlling the home with the willing assistance of Mom.

Now they berate Men for being men, if they are secure in their manhood and do not approve of “alternative” lifestyles they are called Homophobic or Sexist. If they choose to remain a ‘traditional’ man, they consider them “Cavemen” not fit to be around in polite company…

But, take heart young men, if you can withstand the whims of fashion, and the emasculation foisted on you by a relentless media, you will find that Women are beginning to turn away from Feminine Men, and are looking once again for Men to be strong partners and Fathers for their children. You just have to outlast the fad, and maybe that is what being a Man is about, standing for what you are, regardless of what others would make of you.

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