Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Americans have fiercely defended the promise of freedom for centuries. We fought our Revolution to gain our freedom, the Civil war to retain our freedom and recently (although controversially) to ensure others are allowed their freedom. However, since just before my lifetime, we have begun to remove some of our own basic freedoms.

Recently, was the case of Bakers that refused to produce wedding cakes for Gay couples because it violated their Christian beliefs. When did a person's belief and right to refuse service become the Governments business? Well, it looks to me that the erosion of freedom started, as is often the case, with the best of intentions, and has simply grown to encompass personal choices. When Rosa Parks sat on that bus all those years ago, she had every right to expect to keep her seat; she was on a public, city bus. If on the other hand she had been in a gypsy cab, a privately owned conveyance, the driver would have been well within his right to refuse to transport her, not after she paid her fare, but before. What was supposed to ensure equality in the public sector has now moved into the private sector where it has no right to exist.

I work for a major multinational corporation, a private company that has decided that they would not discriminate in any of their practices. My company believes that all people are equal, not because it is a moral thing to do, but because it makes the best financial sense. No law or regulation could work more effectively to remove barriers than the bottom line for a corporation dedicated to making a profit for its shareholders.

For the Government to force compliance of equality laws meant to provide access to public services on private business removes the private freedom to succeed or fail. My company could not long compete by discriminating against even one small minority, regardless of how minute their market share is. Any law that forces private citizens to operate against their own self-interest is, in my opinion a bad law and should be removed or at the very least ignored. By forcing association, these laws breed resentment, resentment that would have naturally dissipated as companies that continued to discriminate are forced out of the marketplace by free competition.

What we have now though does not dissipate resentment, but actively breeds it. When a person or entity forces a free individual to provide a service that they feel is against their interest they will resent the person, or entity forcing the action, an action that is now little more than slavery regardless of how well or poorly compensated.

What would allow maximum freedom would be a free market, if you choose not to accept my business, I will simply do without your product, or find another provider. Nothing is so rare or precious that it should require the force of the State to ensure your right to a product or service forcibly compelled from another person. At best, all the State can compel is obedience it cannot compel competence. What you will receive will be shoddy and second rate.

I would rather provide my money to an incompetent pretender joyfully providing their best work, than to a skilled artisan providing minimum effort to comply with the Governments edict.

Of course, as always, the choice is yours...

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