Where is John Galt?

Where is John Galt? Follow along as we find out!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Tonight on the eve of the (P)Residents state of the Union speech, I thought I would put in my two cents worth regarding the State of our Union.

Regardless of anything said in tonight's speech, nothing will change, because America is suffering from "Lacks".

America is suffering a pervasive culture of Lack... Lack of Responsibility, Lack of Accountability, and Lack of Caring. Now, before I begin to sound like a curmudgeon, understand that the broad brush that I am painting our society is not all encompassing, there are citizens out in the world that are struggling with the very same issues. They go to their jobs, their places of worship, frankly they are just trying to live their lives of quiet desperation with out irritating too many of their fellow citizens. Nevertheless, in the routine humdrum of their lives they continue to run afoul of the Lacks. That dread you feel when you are forced to line up at the DMV, or sit listening to the worst "music" ever committed to media while attempting to speak to a live and sympathetic human, preferably one that speaks the same Language you do, that is the Lack.

We have divorced ourselves from our communities to the extent that we don't even realize when we are, ourselves, victimizing our fellow citizens. We no longer deal directly with our Doctors, or even their Nurses, the receptionist that we actually speak to has to ask a third party if our medical needs are allowable. The "customer-service representative", using the term loosely, at the Government Office is not in a position to make a decision regarding your problem or to speak with authority regarding your questions.

No, now we no longer have personal responsibility to assist our fellows, we feel no empathy for them, or their issue. We are becoming more and more a country of narcissists, so frustrated with the other people in our lives and the effect they have on us that we shut down real human interactions, we hide in our self-importance and I-Phones, and drift further and further from the one thing that makes us Human, other Humans.

We are left with a choice and with the beginning of the New Year, perhaps a belated resolution, to treat one another with the respect and empathy that we expect for ourselves, to put the "Golden Rule" into effect while we are still able. To work just a bit harder, to spend, just a bit, more time in trying to be Human to one another.

I don't think the Lacks have completely over-run our Country, I hope that we still have time, and as a closing though I would like to leave you with a paraphrase from the Bible (don't worry it won't hurt) "... 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' How can we ask anyone for more than that...

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